Mark Taylor Returns – The Masses Are About to Rise and Consume the Wicked Medical, Police, Government, Teachers, Employers…

Mark Taylor Update - Post Election

Mark Taylor Returns.  Says if MAGA Military Doesn’t Act Soon that The LORD Says Civil War Will Erupt. Steve Schultz Gets Called Out on Protecting the 501.c.3 after Steve Calls Out Mark Taylor for Being Wrong.  Mark Tells the Good Police to Get Ahead of the Narrative So the Bad Police Who Are Instituting the New World Satanic Order Don’t Cause the Masses to Rise Up and Swallow Up All the Police.  Mark Says No More Words – But Action Time for Patriots to Rise Up and TAKE Everything Back, to Not Let the Wicked Steal, Rape, Torture and Slaughter Your Kids.  Do Not Let the Wicked Murder Your Kids with Vaccines (New post coming where NIH employee admits that no vaccine ever worked, ever, and were designed simply to inject you with poisons to make you sick, give you cancer and depopulate you).  Sound’s Like HAMAN’S TIME IS UP!  Rise Patriots Globally and Take Your Countries Back in the Name and for the Name of Yeshua King of Kings & Lord of Lords!

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