Mark Taylor Prophecy Satan’s Frequency July 7 2017

Prophecy Given to Brother Mark Taylor Satan’s Frequency July 7 2017

Do your part! Share this! I put this into a nice clear format with Harry reading.

Get rid of ALL of your sins and install ALL of Jesus commands. Uninstall Satan. Install Jesus. More on that later… The massive commands list is almost done.

Prophecy Given to Mark Taylor “Satan’s Frequency” July 7 2017

  • Good news! 1. Preach it 2. Bad media is going bye bye
  • Stop listening to doom and gloom
  • Tune in to God’s Word and His real prophets
  • Speak life
  • Those who are preaching doom and gloom are in BIG Trouble.  You now have blood on your hands driving people to suicide.
  • Millionaires and Billionaires it’s time to buy out the corrupted media.

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