Mark Taylor Prophecy Advancing Trump Calls on God Plus Interesting Salvation Message

Mark Taylor Prophecy Advancing Trump Calls on God Plus Interesting Salvation Message From…

Mark Taylor’s prophecies that you can see here 

Check out this powerful video.  This brother, warrior brother Alex Jones for sure seems to be making advances in Christ in coordination with Donald Trump (Donald is a new believer, newly born again in Christ as of last year or so) as with a lot of us out there.  But the good news is that we’re just getting started!  The Lord will have dominant victory in His children before He snatches all up in a giant victory party.

“Worship God not Government” “Worship God not man” – Donald Trump speaks at Liberty University graduation.

Just a few reminders:

  • You don’t have to be perfect: Start where you are then advance.  Here’s a list of 666 sins of the Bible – uninstall them from your soul, from your mind, from your heart from your beliefs that you think they are ok or even good to do.
  • Get rid of all sin.  Every last one of them.
  • Return to the Lord and get close with Him.  Spend intimate fellowship time with Him
  • Forgive everyone!
  • Understand that the truth is come back out which was always in the Bible on the first place but hidden throughout most of denominations – you must the repented out of all sin and forgive everyone in addition to be born again in order to getting Heaven.  If you read the New Testament closely you’ll see this over and over. Do not let some watered-down doctrine end up putting you in Hell. This is very serious.
  • So therefore transfer all of your interest, goals, treasure building to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Lose interest in this world, except for the sake of fruit bearing for the Kingdom. Have no mental or emotional attachments to this world for those who love the world are enemies of God.  For you must love Jesus before everyone, including your family and even your spouse as Jesus says.
  • So learn Jesus commands of the New Testament, and turn them into your habits, your beliefs, your way of life and you will succeed eternally bearing fruit 30, 60, 100 fold for the kingdom.

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