Marine’s Aunt (in her 30’s) and Uncle Just Murdered by “Covid-19” Vaccine

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Marine’s Aunt (in her 30’s) and Uncle Just Murdered by Vaccine.

So Why Are the Other Marines Allowing this?   Navy Seal Remote Projector Says Saw Up to 1.7 Billion Died.

So what’s going on?  Is this God’s judgment?  Are these white hats not listening to God as Suggested by Some Prophets?   Is this mass murder of humanity what need to be to “wake people up”?  Are you sure that’s the right path?   Was there too much of an assumption that people wouldn’t believe if you started telling them the truth?  Was there too much worry about riots?  Would riots kill Jaco’s 1.7 billion he saw ?  Would riots kill 55 million people in the USA as Judy Mikovits estimates from these Mark of the Beast vaccines?    And worse, are you allowing people to become irredeemable as in the days of Noah condemned to the Lake of Fire by having their DNA altered?   These are some questions.  



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