Man Who Reviewed Over 1000 Heaven & Hell Visitations


Man Who Reviewed Over 1000 Heaven & Hell Visitations Brings Together Conclusions and Observations which Is Quite Important Since Many Hell & Heaven Visitations Are from God but Some Are Actually from the Kingdom of Darkness

Yes it has been problematic over time. The Kingdom of Darkness was able to create fake Heaven and Hell visitations and people who did not test the spirits went with them, spreading confusion and worse.

On there other hand, there are plenty of Heaven & Hell visitations from Heaven too.

Listening to these visitations will certainly cause one to wake up and understand the reality of Heaven & Hell. They can also cause you to get your life together, get right with God and start bearing fruit

It certainly can get confusing. But this fellow maybe able to help.

Also reading the Word of God over and over again will certainly help while cleansing error out of you. See the Volume Bible Reading Plans to the right to get started on those. Each come with the Volume Bible Reading System. Highly recommended!

See the video below:

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