Lazy Christians Are the Reason Why the World Has Become So Evil – Can’t Just Blame the “Reptilians” Because You Let Them

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Lazy Christians Are the Reason Why the World Has Become So Evil – Can’t Just Blame the “Reptilians”, or “Reptilian Jews” Because You Let Them

Lazy and Spoiled. Too Lazy to Read Their Bibles Over and Over.  Even Today’s Snake Twisted Bibles Have Plenty of Plain Statements in them to Explain to You How Things Are.  If Knew the Whole Bible, You Would Not Have Been Punked into Believing All of those Twisting of Scriptures, Especially Paul’s Writings While Removing Jesus from the Throne as Lord & King, Relegating Him to a “Nice Teacher” with Some “Nice Words”.  Nor Would You Have “Done Away with the Old Testament”.  How Corrupt.  How Foolish. 

And in the mean time the world wants to puke at your “Christianity”, bunch of sinners sinning non stop all over the place and don’t even come close to even trying to obey what the New Testament says.  So the world looks at you and says they don’t want anything to do with Christianity because religious and denominational Christianity has conned the masses that they don’t have to obey Jesus, the just need to “believe” as in some sort of swirling magic hocuspocus, mystery ‘believe’ without actually believing Jesus, believing what He said. 

If you aren’t obeying Jesus then He is not your Lord and as Romans 10 goes “10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” And if Jesus is not your Lord as you confessed “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”  then you have no salvation.  This is why we have to turn Jesus words into our HABITS.  Here, I’ll help you out:

1. Reprogram your mind and heart’s mind with Jesus’ commands which are any verse in the New Testament stated in a command style or an implied command style.

Commands of Jesus Verses Lists PDF Downloads


And as strange as this may sound:  the dark side busted their tails and did excellent job at being utterly wicked, deceitful, tactical, strategic while kicking our tails and making us look like fools, lazy, wimpy slobs, all along the way.  Now it’s time to DOUBLE the dark side’s effort, bring in righteousness, destroy ALL darkness and become PERFECT as you are COMMANDED by the Bible.  All lazy slobs that don’t produce a return for the Kingdom will be thrown into the otter darkness.  All fearful and lazy will also be thrown into the Lake of Fire.  

Yet a lot of what Jesus said were not “nice words” such as calling believing Jews a bunch of snakes, vipers, reptilian children of the devil… or by telling you plainly that He’s going to have slaughtered right before His face, all those who don’t want Him to become King.  When Jesus comes back, He’s going to be a Slaughtering King who rules with a Rod of Iron dashing to pieces, non obedient nations. 

You have to be AGGRESSIVE in learning the Bible.  You’re not going to “feel like it” – and that’s the SECRET. God wants you to put effort into your relationship with Him.  Doesn’t any spouse want that? Of course!!  Doesn’t any parent require effort from their kid? Of course!  So here is your solution:  Do this:  It Works:

Volume Bible Reading Plans – Free Downloads – Be Taught by God Directly Instead of Getting Confused by Man

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