Kingdom Against Kingdom – Seed Against Seed – Sons of Satan vs Sons of God

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Things Are Starting to Get Super Interesting.  And Oh Yes We’ve Got to See What Kingdom and Kingdom is All About.  Afterall We Are in the Kingdom Age. You Must Know Who You Are and You Must Know Who Your Enemy Is in Order to Win.  Unfortunately, It Seems As If We’ve Been Massively Tricked While Supporting Our Enemy, While Being Tricked into Fighting & Killing Ourselves, And While Paying Out of Pocket for Our Ruin All Along the Way…

Why Have We Allowed Ourselves to Be So Deceived?  Well, Because We Didn’t Believe God. We Did Believe that God Says What He Means and Means What He Says Right from the Bible.   You Can Say These Days, Oh We’ve Been Missing Books of the Bible – Well A Person Who Says That Tells Me that They Haven’t Read the Entire Bible Over and Over and Over in their Pursuit in Knowing God While Pursuing Trying to Know, Understand and Do All that God Says that We Need to Do from The Bible.  So What Are the Rest of the Books of the Bible to You if Your Not Willing to Know the 66 Books that Are Already There?

And because people have been unwilling to Know the Word they are easily led astray.  And that’s why we’ve reached a point where we all could  have been so easily annihilated although it seems as maybe over a billions will meet that fate from the depop shots unless God steps in with mega miracles, med beds and the rest.

Check out this video:

Pharisaic Jews are the EDOMITES / Proof Texts from the Bible

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