King Trump – Not Only Does Trump Win – He Will Be King Trump

Chess King Chess Pieces Chess Board  - FelixMittermeier / Pixabay

Hey Don’t Be Depressed Sad or Blue – All the Negative Ugly Stuff is HIGH Level Military Opps as in Heavenly High with God Partnering with Man

Why does God partner with man?  Because it’s fun!  Plus He’s trying to teach His kids and future kids stuff.   Being a kid of God requires you to be born into his family.  If your not born again from above you’re just a creation and not a kid of God.   Here is how ot do become born into the family of God.  

Get This, According NESARA (“TRUMPSARA”) Protocols According to Charle and Pal on the Video Below – that the Office of President Goes Away and the Office of KING Becomes Established – Very Fitting for the “Kingdom Age!”  

Yet did you know that Donald Trump is ALREADY the Leader, the King of Planet Earth?    The Other Charlie – Charlie Freak Has Explained that For a While (He just got deleted from YouTube so you may need to search for him like on Bitchute etc)

Congress, All the Bad Guys Have Just Entered the Phase where Haman Realizes He’s About to Get Hung and Starts to Plead with Esther….

See this video below

Here is another video:




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