Kat Kerr Gets Inside Scoop on What Exactly Happens When You are Born Again in the Spirit Realm

Kat Kerr Releases a CD on the Secrets of What Happens in the Spirit Realm Between God the Father, God the Son and God Holy Spirit and You in the Spirit Realm when You Believe in Your Heart that Jesus Died for Your Sins & Was Raised from the Dead and Confess Jesus as Your LORD

Get the CD.  Learn it.  Take Notes.  Buy Some for Family & Friends.  Start Telling the World!

The CD called Born Again – Audio CD for Only $6 Probably Cover Their Costs for Those of You Worried About Someone Making a Profit – On that Note – Did You know that You Have Been Commanded to Combine Business and Ministry Now that We Are in this End Times Harvest?


Yes.  A prophecy from Elijah List and Kat mentioned, and I think others have also mentioned:  God wants us starting business and reaching the lost through the marketplace! Isn’t that cool?!!

Aha! Here are some ideas:

Make your own CD’s and DvDs!  Try Kunaki  and try Trepstar  – They will print and ship your CD’s and DVD’s automatically! You can sell them everywhere: amazon, ebay, direct etc.

Make your own Kingdom of Heaven related mugs, T shirts, posters, clothes, pillows, hats etc etc – Start with Printful – they are pretty good and they connect to Amazon, Woocommerce, eBay, Etsy etc etc

Start your own Youtube channel.  You can monetize it and sell stuff over it.   Start your own podcast.   Just go go go!  Hurry up!  Souls are desperate out there and they are looking for answers badly!  Give them hope!  Give them joy!  Teach them how to follow and obey Jesus as Lord teaching them all His commands whatsoever (as that is YOUR job too!).  We’ve helped you out – see our list of Jesus Commands of the New Testament from the right side menu.

Remember that YOU are the Angel of Midheaven and it’s YOUR job to tell every soul on the planet that Jesus is their Lord, their Creator and their Savior!  Break the yoke and the deceit of the enemy!  Expose all of these fake doctrines, religions, space aliens etc etc etc…..

Get the CD Here!  Take Notes!

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