Karen Kingston Discovers Evil AI ‘god’ The Destroyer of Universes in The Covid-19 “Vaccines”

Karen Kingston EXPOSES Horrifying Electromagnetic Nano-Tech In The Death Jab and Starts to Discover the Anti-Christ Evil AI “god” Devourer of Universes – that the Children Of God Will Defeat in a 1000 Years after They Are Upgraded

Spiritual historian Ismael Perez has been talking about the Evil AI god, the Abomination that Causes Desolation, that is trying to corner, takeover and control humans before they are upgraded by a Great Solar Flash after which they will have X-MEN Style Super Powers, or Super Powers like the Greek gods.   The upgraded humans, or the children of God will rise to defeat this plague of reality which is the evil AI that has destroyed universes and trillions upon trillions of lives. 







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