Jude Panic Repentance Time for Preachers Teachers Pastors Priests

What Does This Mean?

Jude (CJB) For certain individuals, the ones written about long ago as being meant for this condemnation, have wormed their way in — ungodly people who pervert God’s grace into a license for debauchery and disown our only Master and Lord, Yeshua the Messiah.

Since you already know all this, my purpose is only to remind you that Adonai, who once delivered the people from Egypt, later destroyed those who did not trust. And the angels that did not keep within their original authority, but abandoned their proper sphere, he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for the Judgment of the Great Day. And S’dom, ‘Amora and the surrounding cities, following a pattern like theirs, committing sexual sins and perversions, lie exposed as a warning of the everlasting fire awaiting those who must undergo punishment.”

“Surely this can’t me me, could it?”

Look.  No one likes to be yelled at, scolded, judged or be though of anything less than super awesome, wonderful and stellar.  But, brother, sister, eternity is a long time.  God says what He means and means what He says.  And what God says may not or often does not jive with the world.   

I want you to think to do a complete soul makeover, and FAST.

Have you ever watched any of those Hell & Heaven visitation videos?  Yes some may be from the Kingdom of Darkness but others are from God.   Point is, it’s time to get really, really serious about our exact status between us, you, and the Lord, right NOW.  You don’t know when you are going to go and you don’t want to be one of these guys in trouble that Jude is talking about.  You can repent.  As long as you are in the flesh you can repent.   And if you’re in doubt and not totally sure in your conscious that you are right with Jesus, then you probably ARE NOT.   And if you are not totally sure if you are obeying Jesus and not sinning, then you PROBABLY ARE SINNING AND PROBABLY ARE DISOBEYING JESUS.  Nothing against you personally, but that’s how it is for all of us in the flesh.  So when unsure = you’re probably in trouble.  So get with God and work things out FAST.  

We are likely at this point in Jude since the Judgment of the Church has begun!  The NWO is about to be judged and experience their Haman experience (ESTHER 7-9).  Full scale judgement of the Church is next.  See prophecies given to Mark Taylor.

God will be even ending the lives of pastors and leaders who do not repent.  You don’t want to find yourself in an eternal surprise!   Throw out your doctrines.  Obey the New Testament instead.  There is no once saved always saved and sin, disobeying Jesus as Lord.  You are saved after this life.  You can be born again which gives you the ability to be saved; which gives you the ability to choose Jesus as Lord.  “Obey and it will all be OK” – God the Father – to a prophet.

We are on this world not to maximize ourselves in it.  We’re not supposed to be totally happy here or totally honored or totally wealthy here.  This is a temporary scrub world, a degenerate world so God can find, refine a peculiar people for Himself, those who love Him even despite hardships, challenges and persecutions, when those come.   God wants people who want the best which is Him and Heaven.

Sexual stuff can be very powerful. Sexual stuff has become a huge problem these days due to the breakup of family and marriage in addition to brain fried women (especially seemingly) and men who have no clue about how to have a great marriage and the potential for the awesome experiences that can be had in marriage.  But in short, no or bad marriages have left people dry, desperate and even more vulnerable to be tempted into sexual sin. 

On top of that others may talk about sorcery, witchcraft of influence.  But more so, we’ve been bombarded by sin programming into our souls for a long time from every angle in society.  This sin programming has polluted our souls with many, many weed seeds, and bad tree seeds that have sprouted and manifested sin. These seeds are beliefs.  We’ve believed that this and that, which is a sin, is ok or good to do.  That means we have believed in Sin and Satan.  That ends up counting us as following Satan as lord instead of Jesus as Lord.  If Satan is one’s lord and master then he owns you and gets to keep you. Not good.  If Jesus is your Lord, because you obey Him and you have been born into the family of God. then Jesus will keep you, not deny you saying “He never knew you”.

Plus seminaries and denominations have been taken over by the Kingdom of Darkness through a. the 501.c.3 what God calls a demonic contract that will get you into big trouble if you are still in it  b. the Kingdom of Darkness knows the game – if they can hide from you what “Jesus is Lord” means, thereby hiding the commands of Jesus of the New Testament, they’ve got you!   And they’ll get to keep you if you, we, anyone doesn’t repent and starts OBEYING Jesus.  So doctrines became yeast infected with Herod and Pharisee.

You better review the prophecies given to Mark Taylor MANY times over and have them down pat.  Because the threat from these prophecies and right here in Jude (more on Jude to be continued) is very real.

The need for an organized approach on learning Jesus commands of the New Testament is more needed than ever because why? Because we have been bombarded by the commands of Satan and Sin for the past 70 years from every angle.    And we have not been taught or have been taught Jesus commands very little.   Most people don’t even have any clue what a lord is much less what Jesus is Lord means.  See Luke 6:46.  Also you can use our commands we identified from the New Testament verse by verse, listing every verse we found to be a direct command or implied command.   Feel free to use these PDF or html pages however you want without worry.  Just learn them and teach them as you are supposed to according to Matthew 28: 19-20


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