Joy as a Strategic Super Power

woman laughing on flower field

Joy as a Strategic Super Power.

Did you Know that Positive Emotion Generation Can Nullify, Destroy, Disband, Defuse Negative Emotions?  

Becoming a Master of Positive Emotions, Wielding Them Like Weapons Can Do Wonders for Your Soul Health (Joy), Your Physical Health (Happiness) and Even that of Others.

Get the scoop directly from Yeshua to Kevin Zadai.  Kevin has already died, was sent back for “extra credit” to do awesome things which he is doing. Learn all you can from Kevin.  Get meets with Yeshua (Jesus) directly and often and can hear His voice clearly.  Yes in fact we all need to go learn and master all of Kevin’s materials.  He’s got a ton of videos out there, books and courses and now a school.

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