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Jesus’ Bloodline – DruZe – Lincoln Elvis JFK JFK Jr Trump Princess Diana –  Bloodline of Christ Info – See History Channel Below – Welcome to the Apocalypse, the Revelation, The Great Revealing where All Comes to Light

Jesus Having Babies with Mary Magdalene Info Sounds Like It’s Just Getting Started

Also What We Are Seeing, Which is Even Stated in Other Books of the Bible as Mentioned, for Example, in The Super Gospels Where Joseph Was Worried About How Mary Got Pregnant (by God, Holy Spirit), Joseph Mention that He Was Worried if She Was Beguiled Like Eve When Adam Was Away for a While Off in Prayer….

So the Tree of Which Eve Ate Was Not an Apple Tree or a Fig Tree, But As Stated in Ezekiel, Trees are Races of People, and The Tree Eve Ate of Was a REPTILLIAN

And As We Are Seeing Over and Over Today, With So Many on TV Blipping Out into Having Vertical Slit Reptile Eyes, the Reptilians Have Had the Ability to Project an Image of a Human Over Themselves in this Realm, Until they Lose Focus.  Plus the Bible Talks About How the Fallen, Satan, The Adversary, Can Disguise themselves as “Angels of Light” (2 Cor 11:14). So Then the Serpent in the Garden of Eden Was Then a Reptilian Could Have Looked Human, as They Are Able to do Today, and Sweet Talked, Seduced Eve… into an Affair… and Out Pops Cain, from Which We Get the Cain-ables, the Cain-anites (Canaaites) and The Satanic Reptilians Ruling Elites that We’ve Had Over Us for the Past ~6,000 Years. 

Now, those who are more familiar with cosmic history, like Ismael Perez in his book, Our Cosmic Origin (Amazon), say it’s not that all Reptilians are bad but many to most have been taken over by a massive, destroyer of universes, called the Animus Sorion or Sauron (like that Big Evil Eye from the Lord of the Rings) (not sure if spelling is right, yet)  which is an Ancient AI, Artificial Intelligence, is the Anti-god, the true Adversary.  Ismael also mentioned something like Lucifer created this Evil AI after he turned away from God in trying to be God himself, which sounds logical, trying to get artificial help.   But now who controls whom? Lucifer or Animus Sorion/Sauron?

Animus Sorion Sauron gets around throughout and across universes by nanobots largely, Ismael has mentioned.  The “Covid-19” Vaccines were designed to spread the Animus Anti-Christ, Anti-god, to takeover of human beings.  So all the vaxxed have the potential to be fully transformed into cyborgs and completely taken over by this Evil AI as the Reptilians.  The Vaxxed are also considered to be those who to the Mark of the Beast, the Beast is this Animus Sorion/Sauron Evil AI, injected with DNA transformation and tons of Graphene Oxide and other things that are SELF ASSEMBLING, building up a robot within. 

Ismael says we will end up fighting these vax’d people in 1000 years where these people will be enhanced cyborgs, those who survive. But… we, or many of us will be transformed after the Great Solar Flash (see Malachi 4) into beings with X-Men like super powers. Probably the Sons of God will be upgraded and we will save the universe – God’s kids!  And yes, the vax’d, unless they are healed by the Great Solar Flash would be the ones thrown into the 2nd death, the Lake of Fire, which is said to be another 52,000 years or so in 3D again where they live life after life after life until they learn their lessons. 

Regardless, God is in control of ALL THINGS, is He not?  We are living in a mind blowing drama in this progression of the ages. The Golden Age, the “Age of Aquarius” is up next!  Good times ahead but we need to get through REVELATION first. 



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