It IS Time! God’s Coming to Town We’re Crossing the RED Sea NOW!

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It IS Time! God’s Coming to Town We’re Crossing the RED Sea NOW!

Hang Tight.  Don’t Fear.  We’re Crossing NOW!  Yes Of Course Trump Will Continue as President.  

Don’t listen to  fake news media, unless you want to watch them squirm or disappear before your eyes.  it’s gonna be epic epic epic!

Side note regarding cake: And for those of you who can’t eat cake: you can make the keto cake maybe?  There are carb Blocker supplements and blood sugar support herbs available.  Ceylon cinnamon supplements help reduce blood sugar and make insulin more efficient.  Turmeric, Berberine supplements plus many other herbs have all sorts of positive clinically studied blood sugar digestion health associated benefits…   

Asking knowledgeable (non satan MD) Dr. – like maybe a naturopathic Dr for direct advice in regards to blood sugar issues is especially important. .   Diabetes cures will likely be here soon – and there are many knowledgeable non-corrupt healthcare professionals who know how to heal diabetes as in cure it.  Some healers have been successful in healing diabetes 1. 

Find out the actual root causes that are linked to what causes blood sugar digestion problems that you won’t hear from popular mainstream satanic media and you’ll be shocked to find habits you can change the put yourself in a better position for better blood sugar digestion health.  Most people I know who have blood sugar health digestion problems keep doing the same things, listening to satan MD who then goes on to tell them things to do and eat that makes their diabetes worse and worse to the point they tell you that they need to cut off your limbs.    Did you know that low salt diets and low fat diets are directly correlated with having blood sugar digestion (onto diabetes) problems?  How about the correlation between modern wheat, the semi dwarf grain wheat that was “designed” (meaning hidden GMO, even the organic type) to work well with Monsanto’s chemical pesticides and fertilizers that not only are xenoestrogens (jacking up estrogen levels in the body) but are proven cause cancer in court, yet also do all sorts of hideous things to plants and to you, this hidden GMO modern wheat (out of the “Green Revolution” of the 50’s and 60’s) which became one of their most effective population reduction weapons and cash cow causers to the Satanic allopathic MD community. 


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