Isaiah 29 – Happening Now – a Bounce of Comparative Commentary

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The commentary below is simply bouncing off Isaiah 29 verse by verse which seems extraordinarily fitting for what’s going on NOW as of July 15 2021 – Amazing

Read in comparison to Isaiah 29

Judgment is coming. Judgment is coming to the wicked. Judgment is coming to psuedo righteous. Judgment is coming to all, even for the righteous to become more righteous. The levels of all will rise. But the absolutely wicked are to be destroyed.

It’s time to know the fear of God. It’s time to be brought down low. Time to lay face down flat, a face plant, on the ground due to the glory of God that’s about to come on the Earth. And I hear that’s what happens as various people, usually prophets explain what happens in The Glory of God. 

It’s time to repent. It’s time to cleanse ourselves of our ego, our stubborn will, our hard hearts and stiff necks. We all have to deal with this; it is just the way we are designed; but it’s also due to the programming from the ways of the world, the kingdom of darkness over the decades. A lot of us you could argue, well, you could also argue that everyone has a ton of junk in their soul from the kingdom of darkness that they picked up from all sorts of sources such as TV, movies, music, books, school, other people, parents, erroneous denominations and their erroneous preaching, thoughts from the negative spirit realm, demons, and so on and so on. It’s very easy to get information into our soul – especially when we are not paying attention. Some information can be good some can be bad. You can be programmed without even knowing it and over the past many decades most of that programming was for the kingdom of darkness. 

In order to block the bad and only take in the good to your soul. you’re going to have to know the difference between the Sins of the Bible and the Commands of The New Testament.  See our lists that can help you get started immediately in mastering both: the deprogramming of sin beliefs and the programming into your soul, believing the New Testament: so you get to a point where you do only good and you don’t do any bad no matter what is going on around you.  You must reprogram your MINDS to win.  You must reprogram your cerebral mind, your heart’s mind and your subconscious mind to believe and do everything that is in the New Testament.

You, the Body of Christ, will be judged for the sake of refinement and repentance. We all need a lot of help. We need a lot of doctrinal clarity. We need the doctrine of Christ instead of man-made or kingdom of darkness made denominational doctrines and their erroneous concepts and ideas that do not correlate with the Bible. The church needs to be cleaned out. There have been many purposeful infiltrators into churches let lead many astray and have done horrible things to people especially children. There have sold out some money. You’ll see a lot of references to these types of those associated with being Christian leaders to what’s described in the book of Jude.

Also we all have our own issues. You could even say that most of us have issues that we don’t even know about that need to be fixed. We have to be pliable to the Lord, to Holy Spirit. We have to objectively deal smartly and strategically with our will and our ego in addition to whatever junk is built up in the heart, the cerebral mind and subconscious mind. We need to be able to take correction even if it feels insulting, even if it feels like we deserve something else or that we were right about something, or that we thought we were doing something good.

I Tell you what for perspective: this will help the entire body Christ: download the list of 666 sins of the Bible and go learn each one for the sake of identifying those sins of offense and sins of omission. Get about reprogramming yourself so you stop the bad and that you do the good.  Don’t do any bad.  Do only good.  Know the difference between good and bad (the meat of the word) in knowing what the sins of the Bible are (for the purpose of vanquishing them from your soul and for turning into a habit the things you are supposed to be doing)  and knowing what the Commands of Jesus are, God rules of relationship, that you are required to obey in order to claim Jesus as Lord (“why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do what I say.)

Additionally you go through the sins list combine with going through the Commands of Jesus list at the same time and program all Jesus commands into yourself. This makes Jesus Lord to you from what he has already said in the New Testament which we are all required to believe. And then from there we develop our relationship with Him better (because you stop continually offending God) so we can hear His voice and follow Him, obeying Him in real time which is called walking in the Spirit, putting on the new man, following Jesus. Master sins and the commands, master them and you’ll be come very powerful in Christ and very effective for the Kingdom of Heaven, even becoming the 4th seed producing a return for the Kingdom of Heaven some 30, some 60. 100 fold.

Jesus is commands are God’s “rules of relationship” that teaches you how to have a good relationship with God. You may also want to work on a list of rules of relationship with your spouse in order to improve your own relationship by stating, by writing down what you don’t like and what you do like and what you like a lot. With that clarity it becomes much easier to make each other feel loved without offending each other unknowingly. So emulate God’s ways for greater success in life and your marriage.

That said the multitude of your enemies will become like dust and chaff that blows away. It will happen in an instant, suddenly that your enemy is destroyed…This is very interesting and I’m referencing Isaiah 29 verse 5.  It’s very interesting to the times and the various storylines that talk about mass population extermination through vaccines in addition to the removal of Satanic government globally. Hopefully that’s not the case but  there is quite a bit of talk on such a thing as the vaccine said to kick in for mass death after four months to two years. There is also talk of zombie apocalypses and things like that.  Millions may have already been killed globally by the vaccines as you take the deaths reported on VAERS and the European version then divide by 1% and then combine with the rest of the countries around the world.

The Lord of hosts will lay out the punishment. Thunder. Earthquakes. Great noise. The whirlwind. The Tempest. The flame of consuming fire. THE STORM. You know what the storm is right? That’s what Donald Trump has referenced.

All those who fight against the believers in Christ, the remnants , the patriots will be like a dream, a vision in the night. They will be vanquished as if they never were there – from Isaiah 29…. This sensation seems quite logical with the launching of NESARA / GESARA pending financial woes of all humans across the planet in addition to will releasing 6000 hidden patent cures. So modern satanic M.D. allopathic pharmaceutical pharmakeia sorcery will be vanquished, needed no more, not that they were ever needed with their snake medicine designed from the start to build up to the point of mass human extinction, which is what they’re trying to do right now, although God has risen a measure against their flood with the Make America Great Foundation & Donald Trump.

All of these religions, these formulaic religious acts, that are designed to be repetitive, systematic actions implied to please God will be going away.  These rote religious activities and doctrines were designed to replace Jesus as Lord with Denomination as lord while empowering you to be  your own lord and your god, your belly – all chief cornerstones of Satanism.  They are not worshiping in Spirit and Truth. They are not loving God with the heart. And many of these religious acts, if not most of them were designed, taught by the kingdom of darkness, set up as religious spiritual traps trap souls into the pit. If you think you are okay and justified by repetitive denominational religious contraptions, systems, religious activities, praying doing religious acts out of following a bunch of rules instead of by inspiration by Holy Spirit, then you’re missing the mark and missing the mark sin.   If you think you’re okay in your denominations and religions then you are basically lying because you know you are not. You know intuitively whether you’re right with God or not. Remember that becoming born-again comes from believing in your heart. God wants your heart. A lot of us have a lot of working out in our hearts with God. Better get started right away. God wants you to be genuine and honest. Genuine and honest people are those He works with, the one’s He worked with throughout the Bible.

God is about to do amazing wonderful things, good things, astonishing things, and the wisdom of the “wise men of the world” will perish. All those who think they are smart and sophisticated by repeating the nonsense babbling talk to them by the world system that was controlled by the kingdom of darkness will be made to look like fools which they already are. You can look at MD’s and pharmas – not only clueless but hideously wicked. MD’s honored as kings among men, “geniuses” but now are being exposed to not knowing what they’re doing hardly at all except knowing how to set people up for destruction, perpetual illness, continually increasing problems, early death, while even lying to them telling them they have various sorcery based disease name problems (which you could say are technically curses) for the sake of doing their treatments to collect more money. In the process allopathic pharmakeia MD’s have become arguably the biggest murderers this planet has ever known and experienced and they are just getting started according to the storylines of what these vaccines are supposed to do, maybe even killing billions of people.  Repent MD’s and nurses, pharmacists and Drug makers!  Get out of that Satanic allopathic system you are in before it’s too late.

Judgment is coming and is here and has been done to many as well to those who try to hide their plans from the Lord. They do their deeds in a dark place such as caverns underneath the earth, the DUMBS. They say, “Who sees us?” or “Who knows us?”
They turned things upside down. They say wrong is right and right is wrong. They pervert everything. They are the Satanists. They worship Lucifer / Ba’al. They love to sacrifice children while doing all sorts of horrible things to them along the way.

But there is good news. The light is a rising. The afflicted will increase their joy in the Lord. The needy of mankind will rejoice and celebrate in the Holy One of Israel (NESARA / GESARA – will be part of that).

The Tyrants will come to an end. All tyrants, all dictators, all communism will be removed from the Earth.

But also the scorner! Those who scored God’s ways and made themselves in the enemies of God by agreeing with the enemy and by attacking the children of God, those who are intent on doing evil will be cut off. This is stated in verse 20. This also coordinates again with this vaccine storyline the population agenda where most of the wicked seem to have taken this vaccine. They were told over and over that COVID-19 is a fraud. They were given multiple new proven cures for, essential the flu and pneumonia. I just Dr. Jerry Tennant (a repented MD) explain how the MD approach to treating symptoms of sickness, the flu is what causes pneumonia since allopathic MD treatments stop the body’s natural processes in curing its self which opens the door to pneumonia (figures).  

Back to the scorners. Some of us had to deal with the hideous abuse of these Satan controlled scorners.  But these scorners would not stop. They were mockers.  They were even violently mocking and scorning.  They would not look at any sort of possibilities of good.  They hated the concepet of God blessing people.  They did not like the laws being put back to even basic righteous, logically good things.  Although they were getting incredible amounts of clarity on what was good and what was evil, they still chose to support the evil.

On that note, there are many new agers who are seeking good things, spiritual things, looking to find God, looking to become better.  God told Kat Kerr that spiritualism in general will increase as people try to find God and find themselves.  And it’s great they are searching because it’s through the searching that the finding is made.  I studied many different religious and philosophies before I found Christ.  I found Yeshua (Jesus) when I decided to go directly for the truth so I read the whole Bible and then talked to God directly. From that day forward God started putting many mini- miracles in my life in combination with a lot of people all of a sudden telling me about Jesus, from school, from the streets, from friends and even my roommate at the time to collage – I was born again shortly thereafter and my being completely changed.

The new agers like to talk about “3-D to 5D Ascension” and they say that those who are not in positive emotional states and doing, saying only positive actions, who are not doing good only will not “ascend” and will either “be stuck on a 3-D planet with lots of bad stuff” or they will perish. That is very interesting!  And now they have scriptural reference to what they’ve been talking about with Isaiah 29.

Mainstream media and politicians in particular are referenced in verse 21 as those who cause a person to be condemned with false words, laying traps for him to uphold justice as they are trying to do with their false accusations, their twisted legal traps, their blatant lies, the twisting of the law, their slander, their murder with their mount, their destroying of character, or even planting of illegal things to set people up, their non stop twisting of stories in the mainstream media,  those who defraud one in the right with meaningless arguments (sounding a lot like mainstream media and wicked politicians) – will also be cut off.

Even though the behavior of the children of Jacob, which we are now finding out is most of the Europeans and Slavic countries, which is also reference by those countries who formally accepted Christianity as their countries religion,  in addition to other places throughout the world, and not necessarily those living in Israel.   Even Wikipedia has reported that most of those in Israel are not Hebrew
from Jacob but the Jews which are those who say they are Jews but are not likely referenced in revelation, to which most people attribute to the Khazarians who converted to Judaism, or were forced to convert to either Judaism, Islam or Christianity at the time since their behavior was so bad likely from practicing Satanism. Many say that these are the Jews from the synagogue of Satan. Although that said you probably can’t blanket reference the whole entire Kazarian people because they can repent and become followers of Yeshua as well as many have. It is also said that the Pharisees at the time that Jesus was on the earth were not Hebrews (which they proved themselves because they said they were never in slavery, and the Hebrews were slaves in Egypt), were these Khazarian converts. According to the research of Truthvids  youtube channel and other researchers, the Jews who killed Jesus were likely Khazarians although the Romans were said to be Hebrews.  On that note it’s also said that Apostle Paul was one of the Khazarians as well but he converted. These are some of storylines and you will want to do your own research for accuracy. It’s just interesting research reporting the coordinates with the times.  The information above is a referencing of various researchers which does fit quite well to what’s going on these days.

But Jacob Israel the Hebrews will be corrected and will stand in awe and reverence fear the God of Israel. The fear of God is said to be coming to the Earth as mentioned by many prophets. And Jacob will not feel ashamed of his descendants. In verse 24 it’s even stated that those who are in error and the mind will know the truth. That’s very fitting again to the times because we’ve been liked to and confused by so many things from so many angles for so long. We’ve been told so many different things that just don’t seem to line up to the Bible as you get to know the Bible very well.

Additionally those who criticize and murmur discontentedly, which you can see is quite frequent online particularly in comments sections, for example, will calm down and accept instruction. We can see this happening even more so as the planet is finally told the truth of what’s been happening the past 6000 years. All information has been recovered. The NSA has it all. All the hidden books and knowledge that the Vatican was hiding in underground tunnels was captured in addition to 34 quadrillion plus in gold.

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