Isaiah 19 – “Decode” for NOW!

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It’s back to Isaiah 19, after I asked what to read.  I’ve been sent back to Isaiah 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and other books in Isaiah over the past what, Year or Two, over and over again … Hmmm maybe God was trying to tell me something… Maybe God is trying to tell YOU something.

For RIGHT NOW check out the commentary “decodes”. I listen. I type.  I still may have some of my thoughts interjected here and there since i don’t feel that I’m fully mature although progress has been made: check it out and go read Isaiah 19.  If you’re following non-fake news and modern prophets such as Mark Taylor and those on the and Elijah Streams YouTube channel then this will be pretty amazing:

Post date: September 16, 2021

God is coming in the clouds. He’s coming to Egypt,  the worldly,  the world system, Babylon, the Babylonian system and those who partake in it and who endorse it.  Come out of Babylon so you don’t have to suffer her judgements as warned by the Scriptures.  The system of jobs and salary paychecks largely, for most people is based on Babylonian, kingdom of darkness systems. Many are being forced either to get out of Babylon or potentially perish with the depop shot. Egypt, the world, the Wicked, the world system, the ruling system that has been ruling over the world and worshiping gods from Babylon, such as Ba’al, ultimately Lucifer/ Satan, is going to get, has gotten, is getting a visit from God almighty. Their hearts will melt within them.  There  hearts have started melting and are melting now.

The worldly will be provoked against the worldly, Egyptians against Egyptians, they will fight each other and against their neighbor. It will be City against City and Kingdom against Kingdom.

Haven’t we been told that we have entered the Kingdom Age where it’s Kingdom of Heaven vs Kingdom of hell?  But the kingdoms within hell, hell on Earth, the worldly, those aligned with the dark side,  will fight amongst themselves. A kingdom divided cannot stand.   One of the main tactics of the enemy was to divide the Body of Christ setting one off against each other:  religion against religion, denomination against denomination, doctrine against doctrine and so on. Yet amongst these denominations and doctrines that were against each other,  somehow the leaders and rulers of these the  denominations and doctrines  never really seemed to know the Bible Well. They seem to take parts out of the Bible but they never put the effort in to know the word of God by reading the Word of God over and over and knowing  the Word of God,  gaining an understanding of the Word of God,  having revelation layer-by-layer by Holy Spirit,  about the Word of God,  having the dots connected across the entire Word of God, since meanings, understanding,  answers, are hidden all throughout the Bible from Old Testament and New Testament back from New Testament to Old Testament, from Old Testament to Old Testament , and from New Testament to New Testament.  Understanding, clues, golden nuggets of knowledge and understanding are hidden like treasures throughout the Word of God that you find as you spend time getting the know the ENTIRE Word of God. 

Often we have seen entire doctrines and denominations created over  misinterpreting a verse because they simply didn’t read the next sentence for the answer for the prior verse that they twisted into an entire new doctrine, an entire new denomination, one of those 30,000 plus denominations..

The spirit of the Egyptians will  become exhausted within them and emptied out. That process is going on currently. God will confuse their strategy. Their strategies are falling apart before our eyes. What has been hidden is being exposed. Their strategy does not work well in the light.  In their confusion they look for answers; in their desperation they call on spirits of the dead, mediums and soothsayers.

God will hand the Egyptians, the worldly, the wicked, those who worship beast of the kingdom of darkness in their various religions and nominations known or unknown,  those who disobey God’s word, those who are not obedient of Jesus’s Commands of the New Testament thereby making and keeping Jesus as Lord,  those who are not repentant of wicked ways,  those who look to profit off of harming others,  those who look to hold on to the world beast system  instead of going  with God’s new ways into the future….  the wicked….  No longer will they be the head while we will be the tail. No longer will they be rewarded for doing or supporting wickedness.   No longer will they be honored for being wicked and rebellious to God.   There is a flip going on,  a turning of the tide where the wicked will be punished and the righteous will be honored and blessed;  the righteous will be the head,  they will be the rulers,  they will be the wealthy. 

The worldly will be handed over to a cruel master.  The millions of people who are said to be arrested from around the world are the first thing that comes to mind as associated with a cruel master in their various prisons. These people are associated with doing  some of the most evil things while killing, murdering, destroying, poisoning the people of the world plus many more heinous, wicked things. These are the people who have been trying to bring out the the literal Antichrist,  which they almost did although they were caught four days before it came out and was thwarted.

A mighty king will rule over them. Of course, Yeshua is the Mighty King, King of kings and Lord of lords.  And Yeshua has kings and lords under Him in the spiritual and physical.  Maybe Donald J Trump is that hard and cruel master, hard and cruel to the wicked, yet kind and supportive of the righteous, the way it should be.  In the past it was the opposite where the righteous were treated hard and cruelly while the wicked were treated with kindness, compassion, reward and honor.

The waters of the sea will dry up for the wicked. All of their ways travel, communication, transport of their nefarious ways and deeds such as the trafficking of drugs and humans, will dry up. Their lands for sewing bad things like poppy for opium, opioids, for example,  we’ll be blown away and be no more as reports have even said that those poppy fields fields in particular were burned down already.  Their traditional ways of doing business from their business systems will be destroyed. Their system, their pillars and the foundation of their worldly system and operation for commerce and employment will be destroyed. Those who work for this worldly Beast system, in the way that they reward people for employment, will find themselves unemployed and  grieved in the soul. So those who depend on the beast system, who put their trust in their beast system job paycheck and do not pursue the destiny God has given them, will be grieved in the soul.

The Lord is mixed in a spirit of distortion in the worldly, the old wicked world leaders, Egypt, the world beast system, Babylon, the Babylonian system , the system we are transitioning out of so their wise men  have become full of error and lead they lead the other wicked astray.

The worldly in that day will become like the helpless, the trembling, fearful helpless, and will tremble and be frightened because of the waving hand of the Lord of hosts that He is going to wave over them. 

The land of Judea will become a terror to the Egyptians, to the worldly, the name of Judah well become dread to worldly, the wicked.   The lines of Judah are said to go up through Ireland, Scotland  and Germany. Donald Trump is said to be from both lines of Judah. John F Kennedy Jr, who is Irish I believe,  would then be also from a line of Judah,  who is said to become a ruler if not the president of the restored  Republic of United States of America while Donald J Trump becomes the world leader, as his name implies.

The worldly will go through punishment for the sake correction. As a parent disciplines their child, the wicked will go through various troubling experiences so they reconsider their ways and turn to the Lord, turn towards OBEYING Yeshua as Lord and His Commands of the New Testament, the ENTIRE New Testament.  This brings about confession of Yeshua is Lord, God the son, Boss and a submission to Yeshua as Lord.  For God the Son has come to redeem you with the price of His blood; don’t ever forget that.  Plus it’s the greatest opportunity to have God direct your life, be your Boss, be your life coach, looking out for your best, looking out to help you to become ultra successful; so keep that perspective.   This is why we need to personally TRUST Yeshua, God, moment  by moment, step by step, walking in the Spirit, following the Spirit, walking in Holy Spirit through which the Father and Son communicates to you.

Eventually Israel, Assyria and Egypt  will unify serving the Lord God Yeshua and will be a blessing to the Earth:  a blessing in the midst of the earth, 25 whom the Lord of hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My heritage.”

This is a picture for now. This is a picture for the future.   Right now we are going through what’s considered to be a phase, a picture of the future. You are getting a picture of the process  of what can lead up into the seven-year tribulation and then Yeshua’s  physical Millennial reign on Earth in this realm.   You will gain clarity and perspective between the Kingdom of Heaven vs. the Kingdom of Darkness, Satan and his kingdom of darkness, the ways of self, the ways of man, the flesh directed life where one’s god is their belly. 

 See Isaiah 19 on Bible Gateway:  Here is a comparison of 2 translations.  You can pick which ever translations you wish.

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