Isaiah 14 for Now


Source:  the AMP Bible

USA, JerUSAlem (as pointed out by prophets) and a type of New Jerusalem is Israel. Great Seal of the United States reveals America is Ephraim.
USA has been in Babylon. In fact, the entire world has been in Babylon under Satanic rule, controlled by the kingdom of darkness concocted systems of religion of the world

We, the Body of Christ will rule over our former oppressors.

We will be given rest from pain, turmoil, from harsh service under which we have been enslaved from right out of the womb with our “birth certificate”

The taunt against the king of Babylon has started. king of Babylon is also referenced as Lucifer/Satan who was probably the director behind the ancient king of Babylon and is certainly the director of these Satanists headed up by those 13 families that instituted the Babylonian interest based central bank money system across the world

Has happed: Most of their major weaponry has been nullified.

Yes king of Babylon, Satan, Lucifer, Kingdom of Darkness and their workers. Your lease is up. All you get is 7 years out into the distant future. The world can’t wait until all the remnants and your wickedness and your destruction and your foolishness is GONE!

Right now from 2016 through 2021 into 2022 we are seeing a precursor picture of the end of Babylon. The complete end will come at the end of the Great Tribulation 7 year “bump in the road” as per understanding, as per prophets heard.

Here we see a parallel of Lucifer and the king of Babylon. The bracket explanations are from AMP version of the Bible.

Nimrod, the first (if I remember correctly) king of Babylon, who built the tower/ portal to reach Heaven, invade Heaven and try to conquer Heaven, did that too. Lucifer of course is known for this association.

Prophet Robin Bullock has interesting insight, explaining that Lucifer wanted to be a pre-fallen man and to have the status of Adam in Eden before the fall. Adam was / is “like the most high” in that he was made in God’s Image and Likeness, although Adam was much more powerful before the fall. Obedient believers in Christ will be ruling and reigning along side of Him, God, the Son, forever as kings lords and priests under the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Robin goes on to explain that Lucifer’s falling point was that 1. he didn’t want anyone above him 2. he wanted to be a man. That said, as Kat Kerr was shown, Lucifer was sinning all along and was the first one to tell a lie and then keep lying, the father of lies. Robin also goes on to point out that Lucifer was Yeshua, God the Son’s personal angel, like we have guardian angels or something like that.

I’m reminded of the tragic concept: A lot of people think, that in this world, that because nothing bad is happening to them, that they get away doing whatever sinful or random thing they want, that they are fine and approved by God. But that’s not how God operates. Get Kat Kerr’s CD from her website called something like “God’s M.O.” (method of operation). They may even think themselves to be special and “elite”, better than others since they prosper and others don’t. They think that because they are prospering financially, by kissing up to the ways of the world, the Satanic systems of the world, justifying what they do by saying, “every one else is doing it…” or whatever other justification; they think they are good, they think they are great, they think there will be no recourse for them, they think that nothing bad can ever come to them, they assume that God is going to accept them with open arms although they don’t obey what God says in the New Testament on how to get right with Him. And as the entire Bible says, those attitudes above will get a person into a lot of trouble and a negative end of life big bad surprise. So therefore: we are being tested at all times, everything you think say and do: So since this life is so short and all judgment is related to what we do in this life in the flesh, it is best to try to be as obedient as possible and repent often and as fast as possible.

12 There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death. – Proverbs 14

Matthew 7:13
The Narrow Way
“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.”

NOTE to Militaries: In the past militaries, including ancient Israel (and we JerUSAlem is now modern Israel, a part of modern Israel, tribe of Ephraim Great Seal of the United States reveals America is Ephraim.
) over time have Israel has let their enemy, that is hell bent on their destruction, recuperate, grow in strength, cause trouble or come back and even defeat them. The lesson learned of today: Evil can not be appeased. Sons of Satan will never stop trying to destroy Israel (Sons of Jacob that are considered largely to be the white European nations and now for the most part, the USA, plus those who become born again in Christ who join Israel, who are grafted in, and sons of Esau / Cain / Jews can be grafted in as the first example was said to be Saul to Paul when scales (reptilian) fell from his eyes). Additionally, as one strategist pointed out: any nation that has warred against the USA and loses should be OWNED by the USA. Why would we give that nation back to allow them to regroup to come and try to destroy the USA again? We were about to be destroyed but thanks to God, He stepped in, in coordination with Q MAGA as per understanding.

Zion is the LORDS not Esau’s it’s for Hebrews (Jacob + all born again, grafted in to Jacob Israel through Messiah Yeshua. not Jews (Esau).

This is the strong narrative of the day. If we judge by fruit on the tree and those associated with things of the kingdom of darkness, including trying to exterminate all humanity… then this image is further verified. Do your own research.

Understand all can be saved and be redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, grafted into Israel and have their DNA fixed, cleansed, restored while be given the new born again spirit man.

So although even if a lot of the dark lineage may be loyal to Satan, many of the “sons of Satan” can also turn to Yeshua, God the Son, Creator (since nothing in this realm exists that wasn’t created through Yeshua, have their DNA fixed and be born again, as many Jews have. Jews are not Hebrews by their own writings and and considers “sons of Cain” “sons of the Devil” “sons of snakes” as Yeshua pointed out to the Pharisees and Sadducees. Sounds shocking doesn’t it. Is this true? It’s the strong storyline driving the war of the Kingdom of Heaven vs. the Kingdom of Darkness in this Kingdom Age Do your own research. Since we are in the Great Awakening, the Revealing, the Apocalypse where everything will be exposed in everybody, then we’ll likely get more details shortly.
If this is the case every one needs to know this, both sides so that those in the line of Cain can know and turn to Yeshua to be redeemed from the pit and so sons of Shem / Jacob can know, have understanding, first be redeemed by Yeshua themselves and help others. The goal is goodness and salvation for all and to free people from being punked by Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness workers.



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