International Reporter Says Cloned Trump Pitched the Vaccines Not Real Trump

International Reporter Says Cloned Donald Trump Was the One Pitching the Vaccines Not Real Trump, Real Trump in Cheyenne Mountain Since 2020

Have You Seen Those Videos Floating Around About Robot Trumps – the Robot Trump with Panel in Head Opened and Circuitry Showing Also?  You Do Know that Cloning, Like Super Advanced and Super Fast Cloning Exists Right?

Gee wonder if there is any positive way to clone one’s self to get way more done that won’t cause trouble… It’s a fairly common expression:  “I wish there were multiples of me then I could get this or that done”…. Anyways.

  • This would mean the real DJT did not recommend the vaccine.  Benjamin mentions that Trump’s son was damaged by a vaccine. 
  • Just for clarity:  ALL MD medicine and Pharmaceuticals are corrupt, Satanic.  Allopathic MD Pharmakeia medicine is the biggest killing machine this  planet has, arguable ever known.  What do you think you’re going to get for Mocking God and denying His ways of Healing?  Go your own way and depart from Life,  you get Death.  All life comes from God.  At this point, all MDs, Nurses, Pharmacists, Drug companies, who have not repented as in stopped practicing MD medicine and the use of drugs, are guilty of crimes against humanity, BESIDES the Mark of the Beast “Covid-19” Vaccine, and need to be either completely shut down or all put to military tribunals.  Of course, anyone involved the Covid-19 scam would be first to go into a military tribunal.  You will shut down MD Pharmakeia medicine before they end up exterminating all the humans on the Earth.  
  • The cure, the vaccine terminology ty DJT was said to be the military taking out the Tares the bad Aliens, bad reptilians (heard that there were good reptilians besides the lizards eating bug pests in your yard and iguanas etc)
  • We’re in “End Times” rather, End of an Age actually it’s an overlapping of several Age cycles all at the same time.  Some would also call this the end of the Age of Pisces and the start of the Age of Aquarius and we are in the transition right now.  It doesn’t happen instant presto as some may imply. 
  • Speaking of which, if you read a more direct translation, like Young’s translation in the Bible, where King James related translations imply “forever” the literal translation implies more of an end of an age cycle which is way more logical historically and with the starts, signs in the heavens and so on.   So then the concept of the Lake of Fire could also be another, what, 50,000 years of recycling over and over, yes, reincarnating, you know, like Elijah to John, in 3D Earth or maybe some other 3D realm planet, until you learn what you need to learn.  Jesus came to give you the Big Break and escape this cycle, paying your debts for you so you didn’t have to keep on going back and experience dying over and over and over again in a 3D matrix. 
  • This makes a lot more sense, especially when discovering how UNBibilcal most Christians religions, denominations and “non” denominations are – no one reads the whole Bible it seems.  And notice:  the bigger “Christianity” has gotten, the more evil has spread across the Earth, including in these “Christian” organizations.  Christianity is Far from scriptures.  You can argue that Christianity HATES the Bible:  1. They’ve “done away with” the “Old Testament”.  2. They deny Jesus as Lord relegating Him to “nice teacher” with a couple “nice sayings” 3. They don’t want to have anything do to with obeying Jesus as Lord.  I’m sure there are a exceptions.    Huh, most of the New Ager’s messages are in line with Christianity, insulting the Old Testament, insulting God in the Old Testament while reducing Jesus to “nice teacher with wise sayings” or “Ascended Master” instead of 1. The Logos 2. Their Maker 3. Lord and King with all things being put under His feet.   Hence we see all of these warnings over and over and over again throughout the New Testament, especially the Gospels of what happens to you if you don’t want Jesus to be King or if you don’t obey Jesus as Lord.


The real Trump- Barons Father… how’s it that he isn’t in the scene right now- replaced by the a Rothchilds avatar/
Thus- where is he? Not  Mar-a-Lago?
I would appreciate more on that issue.
– Anon
My sources tell me that for safety reasons he is at the Mt. Cheyenne military base in Colorado. – Benjamin Fulford




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