Interesting H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Technique for Battling “Viruses” Which Also Has Helped People Get their Natural Hair Color Back

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Here is a popular method of using a nasal sprayer to spray 3% hydrogen peroxide towards the back of the throat through the mouth, not through the nose, and try to deep breath in the mist through your mouth while H2O2 hits the back of your throat as well, cleansing the throat passage.  They say not to squirt H2O2 up your nose but through mouth, back of the through. 

The mechanism of beneficial impact is to get oxygen attacking bad bugs and acid. Bad bugs, bad toxins and acid are the reason one gets symptoms related to being sick. 

In fact, if you eat acid forming foods like traditional ketchup (tomato paste, vinegar and sugar – all acid forming), or just sugar, or dairy (modern pasteurized dairy) or whatever: You’ll tend to get mucous pretty quickly.  If you eat a lot of it, you’ll get lots of mucous.  If you eat lots of acid forming foods (or direct impact acid foods for a direct impact mucous response like sugar, ketchup, etc or even citrus although citrus is later alkaline forming in the body,  yet initially an acid), if you’re chronically eating acid forming foods without enough alkaline forming foods and supplements (and oxygen for that matter) to balance it out, you’re going to have mucous overload and backup in addition to a lot of other inflammatory scenarios plus other clogging events all of which attract or even generate the formation of “bad bugs”.  Virus particles also become present as cells die and decompose or are broken apart since viruses are particles of cells.

Yes.  A lot of people want treatments and cures without looking to find and stop the thing that is causing the problems.   Yes.  A lot of people want to keep on sinning while having a quick fix or cure so they can keep on sinning.   We reap what we sew is a systematic universal law that must be there.  So sew good.  Respect God’s original design.  Respect God’s laws, the Bible, the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament.

Yet sometimes, or actually most of the times with most people… they don’t know or understand the thing or things that are causing them problems so they need help.  So strategies like this Hydrogen Peroxide spray technique to put out the inflammation in the throat, the lungs and then the rest of the body as the H2O2 gets absorbed through the lungs, could be a beneficial one, another “weapon in your arsenal” against sickness, another strategy that maybe you can combine with other strategies for prevention and more accelerated recuperation from a scenario immune system weakness or trouble.   See article here.

Not intended to be health advice, diagnosis or prescription. Information is stated for informational and entertainment purposes.

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