Interesting. Fake Archangel Michaels. Galactic Federation Trick. Emerald Tablets Luciferian So is Ashtar. Vain New Agers Getting Punked.

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Interesting. Fake Archangel Michaels. Galactic Federation Trick. Emerald Tablets Luciferian So is Ashtar. Vain New Agers Getting Punked.  Lots of Noise and Tricks.  Careful of What You Buy Into. Back off and Take Information as Just information without going in one direction or another.  Compare information against other information to better find fact.  Go for facts.  Pie in sky is usually a cruel trap.  Consider that there are no good guys or saviors (well besides Jesus) and no one wants to actually help you out.  Consider that the rest of creation maybe jealous of you and have made themselves an enemy to you. 

  • Vain new agers.   Most heard act like they are something super special.  Most seem to make grandiose claims usually claiming that they were epic historical past figures, gods of old like Zeus, one guy says he was Solomon, another chubby foul mouth guy claims he was, is Jesus, “king of kings”.  This video mentions how these spiritual seekers are getting trapped. 
  • Things are getting carried away here.  The longer this gets dragged out with the EBS and the Apocalypse and all of those hidden books of the Bible etc. the more vain tangents of error people will likely fall into, every learning but not coming into the knowledge of the truth.   

  • What is truth?  You know Who God is aka “Source”.  Ask God your Maker what the truth is.  If you search for ABSOLUTE truth you will find God.  You don’t need anyone to teach you besides God. 

  • Most of these new agers make all sorts of grandiose, slanderous, blasphemous claims about the Bible.  But very few ever seem to pick up the Bible and read it over and over.  This planet is in the disaster it is in because most of humanity was too lazy to pick up the Bible, read it over and over and over themselves while being taught by God.   You didn’t care enough about God to see what He has to say, what He likes and doesn’t like, what He wants and doesn’t want.   You didn’t care enough to get to know God better by directly pursuing Him through His Word.  And you lazy slobs aren’t going to stand a chance against the higher up wicked princes and principalities in all their tricks. Think about it: how many Christians, after being told of the Mark of the Beast for decades went on to take the “Covid 19” Mark of the Beast “vaccine”? 

  • Speaking of pharmakeia and wicked MD satanic medicine, it was mentioned that the Satanist got their drug concoctions and surgery trickery from “Toth” (Lucifer Satan) through the “Emerald Tablets”.  Either MD allopathic pharmakeia pharmaceutical “medicine” becomes extinct quickly, or humanity will at their hands.   You may find that to be a shocking statement.  If you still do then you’re about to learn a hard lesson, one you may not survive.  The nations are deceived, Revelation 18, through what?  Pharmakeia which is MD medicine, which IS black magic sorcery as they cast their disease making spells on you through their disease name spell casting system along with their poisons and their abominable surgeries. 

  • See the interesting video below.  It’s another angle at all of this new age, space ship, Archangel Michael, team galactic, galactic federations, channeling, “downloads”, astral travel etc etc etc stuff.  While in the meantime who is praising and thanking God for His awesomeness and all the good things He’s doing? 

  • Hope they hurry up and get this Apocalypse overwith. Dump all the info out there and stop tiptoeing around. 

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