Instructions for the Minute After Inauguration – The End Times Harvest BEGINS!!

Instructions for the Minute After Inauguration – The End Times Harvest BEGINS!!

Mike gets to visit directly with the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) !  He has instructions for us on what we need to do in prayer.  

Prayer is a BIG deal.  For a long time I never understood it neither did it seem that many others around me did.  Then I learned.  I also learned that becoming Holy Spirit Baptized as what you just did with the early believers is extremely important.  You will get a gift of speaking in a supernatural prayer language. 

Your supernatural prayer language is reported by another brother who had a direct after death and back teaching encounter with the Lord Himself, is extremely powerful.  In fact the Lord took t his fellow to a nuclear test site do demonstrate that the shock waves of a nuclear explosion were akin to you praying for others, your country, your city, state etc in your super natural language.  I would look into researching this if you have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Ask the Lord, your One and Only Teacher about this.  And ask Him if He can help you get it done and find the right place, Church or person who can do it.

Pray in the Spirit!  Listen to Mike for instructions. 

It’s Showtime folks!  This tomorrow begins the END TIMES HARVEST! 

Purify yourself.  Get the list of 666 sins on our site; know what the sins are then work with the Lord in getting rid of ALL of them.  Repent of all your sins.  Open yourself up to be directed daily, throughout the day by the Lord Jesus.  Ask the Lord for help on getting better at that.  

Then take every verse that is in command or implied command style in the New Testament and start do do every one of them, getting better and better at them.   Now you’ll become 4th seed material able to be used by God to bear MUCH fruit for the Kingdom, thereby also building yourself vast stores of eternal wealth!



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