Instructions for Getting in to Heaven, Now!

How to Get Into Heaven Instructions

Do You Want to Get Right with God? Do You Want to Get into Heaven? Do You Want to Experience Love and Good Times While Being Around Good People Who Won’t Hurt You for the Next Many Billions of Years?  Then Take Action Now.  Do Not Delay.  Time is of the Essence.

Get Saved First then Help Others

Here is another form of a salvation prayer that is also instructional.   Use it yourself to initiate your entrance into Heaven.  If you need help just directly ask God and then listen.  He wants you very much to turn to Him and join His family (yes, even you:).   Because everyone in this world past the age of innocence (maybe 7 years old?) becomes property of the devil, Satan, Lucifer due to the fall of man, all the way back to Adam & Even.

You mission in life is to do 2 things:  1. Return home through the Way God made for you  2. Complete  your destiny that God has already pre-written for you.    Do these things, and you’ll have a mind blowing awesome eternity and lots of eternal wealth.  We’re talking people around you who are only good, who treat you well, who are kind, people who love you, wealth, party upon party, become a king & a lord and most of all, total fulfillment and happiness because you get to be with God Who will actually do cool things with you and even hang out with you personally.

Here you can use this prayer:  Say it for real.  Mean it.  Or rewrite it for your own words.  Don’t worry,  God can hear you.  He hears and sees all things at all time.  And He really wants you to do these instructions in this prayer, the prayer of which is Biblical instruction on how to get into Heaven.  In fact, He’ll stop all of Heaven at the moment you genuinely do this prayer.  That’s how powerful it is for you to finally become born again regenerated, powerful child of God. 

You were born into this Earth as a creation of God.   You need to be reborn of God (which is what happens after you genuinely say this prayer) in order to become a child of God.  For reference see John 3 and Romans 10:9-10

Here is a model prayer you can do (say this genuinely or speak in your own genuine words as express from your heart):

“This is a message to God.  God, I know you can hear me. I want to get right with you.  I want to be with you in Heaven forever.  Please help me.  

God, help me believe on  your Son Jesus.   As a statement of faith, I believe that Jesus is God the Son.  I believe that He became a man to experience life as we did. I believe also that He showed us how to be like You want us to be.   I believe that Jesus was without sin and He died a sacrificial death for all mankind so we could have the opportunity to be restored back to you and overcome the temptations given to us by Satan, the devil, and these flesh bodies in this world.

So as statement of faith:  I believe that Jesus rose from the dead.  I believe Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead for a model for us to follow so I can be raised up to you back to Heaven after I’m done here on this Earth.  I believe what the Bible says in that:  if we believe that Jesus rose from the dead and rose from the grave back to Heaven, then we will be regenerated, born again from above, given the ability to join your family as adopted sons and daughters.   So therefor, Jesus, God the Son, I believe that you came to Earth, lived a sinless life, died for my sins and then rose from the grave back to Heaven.

Because the Bible also says that:  if we believe in our hearts that Jesus rose from the grave and confess with the mouth that “Jesus is Lord” we will be saved.  I want to do this.    I certainly want to be saved!  Therefore, I confess, I admit, I acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord of the Universe and I invite Jesus to be my personal Lord to direct my every moment in life onto eternal success.  So I confess Jesus is Lord and that He is my Lord!  Please be my Lord, Jesus.  Thank you for doing so. 

And Jesus, thank you for caring for me that you would die for my sins so you can save me.  You are so awesome.   You are so wonderful.

Please make me more and more like you!  Please teach me all the things you want me to do so I make you happy and feel loved and appreciated.

Thank you so much Lord Jesus for redeeming me.  Thank you for buying me back from the evil one, thereby redeeming me from eternal death.  I want eternal life with you!  Please make sure you make me like you want me to be so I will be successful and be with you forever.    I give you myself.  Just tell me what to do and direct my every step.  Be patient with me and just make sure I get it so I do the right thing and please prevent me from doing the wrong thing.

Teach me to love you and fall in love with you.  You have my permission to correct me and fix me to make me great!

Thank you so much God. You’re so awesome!



If you meant this. If this was real for you, then congratulations. You are now a citizen of Heaven.  

So what do you do next?

Learn the Bible well and be taught by God directly.  Follow no man but Jesus only.   That last sentence alone will save you a lot of troubles.  No man, woman or church organization or doctrine is your teacher.  Many have made the mistake of making man, doctrine or denominational organization their teacher.  You can certainly listen to men and women express themselves about God & the Word of God as they share their experiences on what they feel God has revealed to them but they can not teach you.  They can’t say, “the Bible says this… or this is what this passage means…”  There are many many many layers of understanding to each passage as  you’ll discover by doing our Volume Bible Reading plans. You must be taught by God only and directly. Jesus says He is your One and only Teacher.



And may I suggest that you start on one of our Volume Reading Plans.   First start with Reading the New Testament 12 Times a Year. Then do the 3 Times a Year plan.  Both of these come with our Volume Bible Reading System.  By learning the Bible, getting to KNOW the Bible instead of just knowing about the Bible or instead of just knowing bits and parts of the Bible, you can position yourself for huge eternal success and prevent yourself from messing up much better.    Also by learning the Bible you will start learning God’s way for doing everything, the way of life and creation, that He wants you to do.  May I suggest  you be aggressive about learning the Bible as fast as you can and avoid going by ‘feeling’ or emotions (it’s through these feelings and emotions that most error occurs.  You probably don’t want error.)

Next. Put the things of God first.  Put the Kingdom of Heaven first and God’s righteousness.  Do so and all will go well.  So you don’t need to think that you need to do this or that or get this or that done before doing God related things first.  Remember this.  Do it.  Reprogram your mind about it.  Don’t look at others because, at least to the point of this typing, most seem to put themselves and the worries of this world first.   If you want to win and succeed then put the Kingdom of Heaven first and God’s righteousness. You’ll be super happy you did.   There is much eternal reward and eternal wealth for you to obtain.  Don’t miss out by letting the world distract you.

Now that you’ve been born into the family of God you have received an new Best Friend Forever, Who is … Holy Spirit!  He is God too.  He’s the 3rd Person of God.  Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God although He is is own Person too.  God the Father.  God the Son.  God the Holy Spirit.  He will guide you in all things and will tell you what God the Father through God the Son Says.  

Next step will be to do an immersion baptism.  Anyone who has said this prayer genuinely can do so.  They must immerse you under the water, gently of course, then bring you back up while saying “I baptize you in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit”.

Then from there you get baptized into the Holy Spirit where you either directly invite Holy Spirit into your life because He is walking beside you. You have to invite Him into you you.  Ask Him to baptize you in Himself and come into you and fill you.    Or you can have someone who has been baptized in the Holy Spirit to lay hands on you and say, I baptize you in the Holy Spirit.  Receive the Holy Spirit into you.” When you do you will likely start speaking in tongues.   There are many ministries that have expertise in this you could look up.

Feel free to re-post this article or the prayer by its self.  You can modify it. Share. Print.  Post on your site. Turn into an info graphic or video.  If you like this then most certainly share it with others.  Just by doing so could save someone whether that be now or down the road after you plant the seed of the possibility of getting into Heaven into their minds.  You never know who gets saved or how many gets saved especially in this day of viral internet.   Also there there should be a translate function on this web  page that you can use.  If not then look up a translation engine like google or bing or or hire someone to translate for you on sites like fiverr.

Prosper and be in good health!

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