Incredible – Nancy Pelosi is a Good Guy?? A Genius Performer? Internet Shutdown 10 Days Darkness Reporting

Nancy Pelosi for an Academy Award, Golden Globe an Oscar?

Biden is a Clone?  Whaaa  Is Biden an Actor Too?   The Real Joe Biden Has Been Gone for Over a Year?

If this is the case for Nancy, then not only should she receive every major acting award that there is but should go down as one of the great heroines in history.   On that note, Nancy and whomever else is reading this:  Make sure you get into Heaven according to the WHOLE New Testament.  Here are a couple explanations by us.  In short:  OBEY THE WHOLE NEW TESTAMENT!  (Not man’s cheap rendition of the New Testament as most deny Jesus as Lord.  Salvation comes through believing in your heart for real that Jesus died for your sins and was raised from the dead back to Heaven to be born again but also, obeying Jesus, starting with the WHOLE New Testament, brings salvation.  You MUST reprogram your soul to match your new spirit man.)

  1. Escape Hell Enter Heaven

  2. How to go to Heaven – Simplified Version

California has ALWAYS BEEN REPUBLICAN but was stolen with election fraud since Clinton came to office.   Trump wins California in a landslide.

Trump won all 50 states.

It’s Charlie Freak again – again not endorsing his new age stuff and misquotes of the Bible but this is about military insider type of reporting.  We’ll see but what he says lines up with the prophets in terms of what is to come.  He’s also done a large amount of cultural and spiritual history.

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