In War You’re Not Supposed to Destroy Yourself You’re Supposed to Destroy Your Enemy – Hello??

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In War You’re Not Supposed to Destroy Yourself You’re Supposed to Destroy Your Enemy.  Stop killing yourself.  Fight back and smartly defeat your enemy. Stop listening to the enemy of your physical body. Stop listening to the enemy of your soul.  Listen to God.  Follow the prophets.  Start reading the Bible from page one and keep reading.  Read the whole Bible in a month.  Read it every month.  You’ll understand better and better what’s going on in the world.  It’s all in the Bible.  Genesis, Revelation, Isaiah, Obadiah, Habakkuk, Daniel, the 4 Gospels – look extra closely for insight regarding what is going on although you really need to get a KNOWING of the whole Bible  See our volume Bible Reading Plans from the side menu that has much of the Bible Reading System built into it.   Don’t listen to the flaky and lazy who keep trying to find every sort of excuse not to read your Bible such as missing books, aliens messed things up, Annunaki messed things up, it’s a Catholic scam etc.   Sure there maybe missing books but there’s a multi dimensional heavily layered world of information in the Bible we do have.  Additionally the word of God is the Word of God.  Jesus is The Word, The Logos, which is His Name before He took on Yeshua (“Jesus”).  Getting a KNOWING of the Bible is getting a knowing of God.  You’ll see.  Crush laziness and make yourself read the Bible multiple times a year; you will not feel like it in your emotions so when you don’t feel like it, use that as a cue, a trigger to go immediately pick up the Bible and Read!  Read Read Read!  You’ll not understand what’s going on these days and you won’t recognize real prophets unless you have a KNOWING of the Word, the Bible.  GO! 

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