Important Update from Nicola Tesla’s Niece

Important Update from Nicola Tesla’s Niece – Pay Close Attention

  1. Kim Tesla is near the top of the white hat chain.
  2. She is a niece of Tesla AND KNOWS ALL THE TESLA TECH SECRETS.
  3. She looks like Tesla
  4. Original Elon Musk and mom were Satanist and were working on the NWO enslavement system.
  5. The new and improved Elon is hmm forgot.  Others say he’s a clone of the old one but I thought you had to have the original around for clones to operate.
  6. She said Mike Pence was one of the worst of the worst saying that he raped tortured and murdered 186 kids?  Whew.  Kat Kerr was talking about Trump and Pence for 2 terms.  Kim says Pence sent to Gitmo and was executed.  Kat said she saw various people in Heaven like Elvis (singing songs to Jesus), Kobe (playing basketball with Jesus) , Robin Williams (having comedy shows in Heaven) etc.  but others say that they are all alive and in witness protection.  Kat said Billy Graham got picked up in a chariot by Jesus  while other call Billy a rapist pedophile reptillian etc.   Kat said she saw Mother Theresa in Heaven but others are saying that Mother Theresa is a Dude who ran massive child trafficking networks and his son is Anthony Fauci.  Time will tell, hopefully what’s going on here. 
  7. Kim Tesla says Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had a baby or two with her.  And JFK, Trump, Elvis, Tesla are in that bloodline.  On that note, so what if Jesus was married and had kids? What does that do to your denominational doctrines.  Frankly I think it’s great.  Being single is no fun no matter how much one tries to make it sound great, or call it a “gift”.  
  8. IMPORTANT:  Kim says we all need to go to our tag agency AND REGISTER AS INDEPENDENT PARTY to help Trump, JFK Jr launch out of the entrapping Demonocrat and Republican system.  That said, if we’re going to common law, aren’t we getting rid of drivers licenses?  Well we probably still need tag ID’s for our cars. 
  9. Kim’s got the tech.  She will be releasing teleportation devices that will go in your kitchen that are far superior to Star Trek’s.
  10. She says a bunch more things.  Watch the video. 



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