Important Prophecy of Whats to Come Now, the Rest of 2020 and into 2021 and Beyond

Wow! Listen to This!

2021 Prophecy | An angel visited me on rosh hashanah

  • Judges – they will be replaced one after one with those on God’s side.
  • The crowds have been given over to a reprobate mind. Do not join the crowds.
  • Clean out of corrupt in 2021
  • Media getting a makeover 2021
  • Medical snake medicine will start to be reformed.
  • Whistle blowers must start blowing the whistle.
  • You must get on God’s side.  Said that no one opted for God’s justice so He must bring it Himself.  That is SAD!  Do what God said and stop trying to please man no matter how “uncompassionate” it may seem because listening to God will bring about total compassion.  Us trying to do our own way our own “compassion” can lead to sin and destruction.  So those of us who felt like there was a delay, there was!  Man in their positions did not do as God asked but decided on their own way.
  • Time to homeschool
  • It’s Sheep vs. Goats separation.
  • Go through the video and take notes.  There are several other poitns too.


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