I’m With Kat – Eat Cake & Celebrate – as Commanded by God


Have you read your Bible much? If not I would suggest getting on our volume reading plans that you can download from the sidebar of this website and get to know the Bible as in getting to know a person type of knowing versus just knowing about the Bible. That will do wonders for your knowledge and understanding of God and the ways of God while helping you avoid a lot of future trouble and while helping you understand and know God better and help you do more good while avoiding more bad.

One of the stories  often told was the test of faith of Israel on their way to claim the promised land but also at the Red Sea. Right now is likened to a Red Sea moment in time. The question is are you going to cross the Red Sea? Are you going to be afraid of the walls of water potentially crashing down upon you or are you going to trust God? 

Are you going to go back to Egypt and help they’re going to be your friend?  I hope you understand that this version of “Egypt” the Satanist Globalist Cabal Swamp etc, whatever you want to call them, makes the old Egypt look like a bunch of fluffy bunnies. – This new “Egypt” wants to exterminate all the humans from the planet and replace any of the remaining ones by turning then into modified DNA hybrids and hybrid cyborgs so they can be controlled (since no one wants to follow a loser or a bad person with chronic bad behavioral problems – that’s why they need to be controlled).

Also remember what happened to Israel after the scouts went into the land of the Giants where there were actual real Giants, Nephilim, Rephaim strategically living in the land of Israel trying to prevent Israel’s occupation of the land.  

And so when the scouts went out and saw the giants they came back and were afraid and they scared all of Israel with their negative fear filled news reports.  These bad news reporters aren’t necessarily like the fake news guys up today but they’re more like the fake church, the doom and gloom preachers call, the yeast infected church that usually tries to act very ‘proper’, sophisticated, puffed up with their “knowledge”, usually talking with their rounded and polished speech and voices, usually talking a lot of nonsense and mysteries while not being able to answer much of anything in terms of questions and usually hardly ever able to answer much about the Bible with any sort of accuracy while being very liberal, having no problem making stuff up that they don’t really know about, although they claim it as a fact.   (Hey that sounds like the modern MD doctor too…) 

Additionally these religious yeast infected denominations usually appear to the world as “a bunch of hypocrites”is with a hypocritical congregation always asking for money but not doing much in return for that money.  They preach about tithes but they don’t preach about much else of required duty, or instructions that must be obeyed  other than man-made religious obligations that they made up. 

Every one of these yeast infected institutions that have experience also deny Jesus as Lord one way or another and they treat Jesus like He’s only a nice teacher with nice words of wisdom that are optional at best to follow while even twisting the Scriptures to the point accusing you of “works salvation” if you are seeking to obey the New Testament, the entire New Testament in particular& ( except about tithing, oh wait that in the Old Testament, you know, the first half of the Bible the denomination usually claim ‘God did away with’…), and I’m talking about simply reading the New Testament over and over and putting Jesus is saying to the practice, reprogramming yourself with the instructions of the New Testament while uninstalling all the garbage you picked up from TV, movies, radio, school, books other people, erroneous denominations and their erroneous denominational doctrines…  We are required to obey Jesus commands from the New Testament, all of them whatsoever putting His sayings in the practice building our house upon a rock becoming the fourth seed.  The New Testament is and entire system designed save the world conquering it for Jesus and occupying the planet until Jesus returns.  it’s time to get that done.

Okay so back to the topic here.  The lack of faith that was generated from the “conservative” reporters, doom and gloom preachers, the fearful scouts of Israel caused rebellion amongst the people.  That was really really bad. God already told them that He gave them the land to go take. 

Are you not seeing that type of thing going on these days as well? Time to wisen up quick.  God has been telling us about America for years upon years!  Especially the last four years we have heard and seen so many prophets tell us about Donald Trump being in office for eight years and he is going to drain the swamp and open the doors for the great harvest to begin while returning wealth to the people, the good people.

Okay but it’s tough to deal with right?  yes! It’s also a great learning opportunity! So use this time also to build your relationship with God spending more time with him. Additionally look to clean up your soul and programmed with the New Testament while uninstalling your beliefs in various sins – see the list of 666 sins of the Bible to uninstall from yourself from our sidebar .  It’s time to learn from the prophets. It’s time to learn how the kingdom of darkness operates because if you don’t know how the kingdom of darkness operates and you don’t know Jesus is commands than the you’re not going to win and you will keep losing. It’s also time for you to learn about the spiritual superpowers that you’re supposed to be employing already and you should have been practicing for the past 4+ years as you learn from Kat Kerr.  So suck it up buttercup!   focus on the kingdom and God’s righteousness first. Don’t try to maximize the your success and happiness in this realm but instead maximize your eternal wealth and joy for the next life.  Detachment from this world even though all other spiritual gurus like to talk about that, yet it’s true in the sense for those who love the world bar enemies of God so think about this topic. You don’t want your heart latched onto anything in this world that would tie you down to this low level 3d realm. You want to do your job for fulfilling your book of destiny as well as possible and as quick as possible while helping save lots of souls and while helping establish the kingdom of heaven on earth as much as possible and then get out of here!  Get on up to Heaven!  You also may want to watch various heaven visitation testimonies and watch Kat Kerr videos and read her books so you get excited about Heaven.

We were also told that all the bad institutions would be torn down and that harm the children would be removed. See Mark Taylor prophecies on this website and on our YouTube channel.  We were also told in the Mark Taylor prophecies of many things to come very specifically.  And one of those things in addition to America being cleansed and restored and then those countries who align themselves with America experiencing the similar benefits would be the cleansing of the Church, particularly the infiltrated church infiltrated by the kingdom of darkness workers who have very specifically and strategically done so.

Most of us have never experienced times like this and the drama is high. But what I can suggest to you particularly as we learn from the Bible and we are also hearing from multiple other prophets is that it’s time to eat cake and celebrate and thank God for what He has done for us, what He is doing for us and what He will do for us in this country while also making him for four more years of Donald Trump, then eight years of Pence ( you may want to be careful about the rumors you see online – there are multiple factions and ways to manufacture stories that may be true or maybe not true online. Kat said God said Mike Pence is a godly man as far as I can remember her talking about Mike Pence multiple times).   And then if I remember correctly Mark Taylor has mentioned about having a dream or being told that there will be another Trump in the White House and that there will be a “Junior” in the White House.

So why do you have to be negative?  Let’s just be positive and simply accept the promises of God.  If He says it’s done then it’s done and Donald Trump will be the president. If we are told to celebrate than so that’s what we do.  And if you struggle with celebrating just pretend, be like an actor or actress and then you’ll start to get better!  And for those on a diet you may want to look up keto cake recipes – I found a good one and I made some frosting that was really rocking and it was keto!  I also loaded it up with good fats Chia seeds, coconut, hemp seeds, flax seeds, plus it has a ton of Cocoa in it. 




Happy Days are Here! – Eat Cake & CELEBRATE!!!

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