If You Are Catholic this Will Shock You & Get You to Read the Bible Yourself

Yes Catholics are told “you are not allowed to read the Bible on your own” or “You are not allowed to interpret the Bible by yourself”.   Been there and thought it to be one of the strangest things I ever heard.   And I really wanted to get right with God because I liked God a lot and I wanted to be right, in good terms with Him.  Plus at the time I had no real concept of what happens after you die so I figured I better get that figured out. 

So after studying all sorts of other religions throughout school while growing up I realized one day, ‘wait a minute, I never read the Bible!’.  Then I thought ‘well, if the Bible is the most important Book of all time, then I should read it!’.  But my parents found out that I was going to start reading the whole Bible so they became worried and called to local priest over for dinner.  

The priest told me that I was not to be reading or interpreting the Bible on my own.    So I just went a long with the conversation to be polite.  But then I started to ask the priest a bunch of different questions.  He couldn’t answer most of them or gave me circular answers for others (which is no answer).  Then I realized that this priest guy has no clue what he’s talking about. He knew his church rules but couldn’t answer basic questions about life and the Bible or the after life.  And that this whole preventing me from reading the Bible thing sounded like some sort of scam.

So I got wild and crazy and rebelled!  I read the Bible! I even read their Catholic Bible the “New Jerusalem Bible”.  I read the Bible from page 1 all the way through.   And reading the Bible ROCKED my world! 

I realized that I was soooo clueless at the time after reading the Bible, clueless about the things of God and what God wanted and demanded.  I felt terrible.  And I felt like I was in BIG trouble because I was hardly doing anything that God says to do in His Word, particularly, the New Testament. The pressure built within me. Then one night I just had to talk to God directly (I thought I wasn’t allowed to pray to God directly but to a saint or Mary etc.).  So I dove in and asked God if I was one of His children…..     

Now I’ll stop that story there because that may end up going for another 20 pages.   But what’s important now is that you check out this tract done in comic strip style.  It’s very well done.  It has some very important information for you, everyone really to consider in general but also about the Catholic system.   Regardless, know that the truth stands on it’s own.  And if you have any questions, do what I did – ask God, your Maker, directly!

So check this tract out here.
It’s Titled – Is There Another Christ

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