If Merciful to All Those Who Want to Exterminate Humanity, Doesn’t That Make You an Accomplice?

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People keep losing perspective here….   Donald Trump and MAGA are here to save humanity from actual termination, complete and utter termination and whoever is left is turned into a cyborg of one sort or another.

You were told over and over about the seriousness of what’s going on here.  But the weak want to pretend that everything is going back to normal. No, unless the good guys step up, you will be exterminated or turned into a partial DNA modified cyborg.  This is being reported and proven already, yet covered up by SBN – Satan’s Broadcasting Network.

There is no going along with the bad guys. They will destroy you.  Everyone keeps trying to look for the old ways of comfort and happiness will follow that to their doom. The pursuit of happiness in this life, emotional happiness instead of joy of the Lord is a big trap if you haven’t figured that out by now.

Speaking of side ports those mRNA Moderna vaccines in addition to even the COVID-19 Tests are shown to inserted with nano chips that can rewrite your DNA to control. 

These nano chips as they rewrite your DNA make you property of the vaccine or COVID-19 swabs up your nose up right in your brain while making you no longer human, developers.

That said so many people are already getting those vaccines.  Have those vaccines indeed been replaced? We better hope so otherwise there are going to be a lot of dead people or a lot of mind controlled bio robot zombies of sorts making quite a mess.

There is no more going along with the flow. You must stand and be proactive. Crush fear. 

  • Decree and declare a thing how it should be in the Name of Jesus
  • Seven the host to tear everything down the kingdom of darkness have their plans and plots exposed and collapsed on them.
  • It’s been four years. You’re getting a picture of what happens if you tolerate evil. Tolerating evil is like tolerating a disease or a parasite in your body eventually it will grow to destroy you.  think logically. Think the duality of things. Evil will not turn good; it has to do its job. But right now it’s job it’s intent is your extermination unless you make a stand and cleanse the disease from the body.  Hopefully we are indeed watching a show, otherwise… 
  • Yet prophecy has told us all along that this is not the time of the end, this is the time for the great harvest. There is a lot of the Bible to fulfill before the seven-year tribulation. But we must learn lessons right now.
  • In the future you must never let the wicked ever get this far.  no longer Christians will you disobey the New Testament. It’s time to get rid of your denominational traps.  If you haven’t figured it out by now denominations and their denominational doctrines have been strategic doctrines against you that got you lazy, lazy from knowing the Bible and getting organized about obeying the New Testament.   The Body of Christ, of we followed the New Testament, and actually believed Jesus thereby knowing that we absolutely must obey everything in the New Testament, the whole world would have been won, and the Body of Christ would have been unified under ONE DOCTRINE, THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST, THE NEW TESTAMENT.  Sorry you don’t get to cut out parts and pieces out of the New Testament and say you just follow this part of the New Testament and ignore the rest, cutting out versus while twisting the Bible verses to fix into your man-made, arguably kingdom of darkness influenced denominational doctrine.
  • Take action!  Get strategic, brainstorm make plans.
  • Work hard and find places to shop from that support God’s agenda only:  stop giving money to the wicked.  Also if you don’t know by now most of those “donate for a good cause” that you see everywhere these days are most likely going directly to the wicked and not for a good cause.  This concept also applies to your denominational church where your money may actually be going in growing the kingdom of darkness rather than the Kingdom of Heaven, even supporting the most hideous and wicked things you can imagine.
  • Also take this time to learn how to become more independent in your living. There are many ways of doing so from food to electricity, to fixing your health naturally, to closing out your body and properly regenerating through the replacement of wicked habits with righteous habits that are in line with God’s original design, alternate means of communication, transportation, access to water, air purification, water purification, self-defense and so on… I’m not saying we are going to necessarily need it in line with prophecy but this is a great time to get a perspective to get back yourself and society so we will never be controlled by a wicked unified government again.
  • Start with fixing up yourself as and have zero toleration for evil in your own life in your own being, in your own soul, in your own mind, in your own heart…  Look at the sidebar of his post and get the list of 666 sins of the Bible and uninstall those from your being.  Look at the sidebar and see the Commands Of Jesus – go against all foes into yourself making those your beliefs, actions and habits.  Go teach others to do the same, while also baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.   
  • Yes it’s time to stop being lazy and actually do the basics of Christianity.  Your eternity in the eternities of others depend on it it!
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