Hurry Up Planet Earth and Wake Up – You’re Too Slow!

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This Great Awakening is Taking A Long Time & It’s Because All You People Out There Who Refused to Pick Up the Bible and Get to Know the Word of God While Getting to Know God in the Process.

We’re Now in the Kingdom Age – Where the Kingdom of Heaven Has Risen Against the Kingdom Of Darkness

Forget Politics Democrats vs. Republicans Vs. Socialists Vs. Capitalists vs. Communists Vs. Nazis, Black Vs White Vs. Brown Vs. Green Vs. Purple Vs. Yellow Vs. Red Etc.  There’s Only One Battle and Two Divisions:   Sheep & Goats, Light vs. Dark, Heaven vs. Hell, Positive Emotions Related Things vs. Negative Emotion Relation Things, Life & Creation vs Death & Decay.

Did you know that you were made after God’s image but also his likeness? 

That could mean many things but in terms of what’s going on right now – well let me ask you,  how did God create the universe?

Through His Words!

And guess what! It’s our words that shape this world.  You have been commanded to speak life through the Bible, the New Testament but also by several major prophets. 

As a simplification as what exactly do for now: say only good things with your mouth.  And to simplify the Bible in a certain way: “do only good and don’t do bad” – according to your innate knowing, your conscience, and not your soul.  Yes for real.  It works! 

Your soul is the collection of thoughts and emotions that you picked up from this world which could be loaded with layer upon layer of corruption and bad ideas from the kingdom of darkness.  But as the apostle Paul talks about, you have a conscience where as you know right from wrong.  But don’t confuse your conscience from your soul as many people do.  Yes many people mistake intuition from nonsense they have in their soul and I make a lot of mistakes. 

And you’ve probably learned by now that just a few words here and there to make a major difference in the direction your life goes for the positive or for the negative.  Just by hearing a couple encouraging words can turn someone’s life completely around. But just by hearing a couple few negative, doom and gloom words, can even send someone’s life in a tailspin so it starts to go off a good course, is even ruined, destroyed or even to the point of suicide.  that’s why as in Mark Taylor’s prophecies, those who are speaking doom and gloom have blood on their hands according to God.

You’re probably familiar with how significant words can be from a parent to a child as you probably remember from your own childhood which is talked about quite a bit.  Words are a big deal.  In the future as we rule and reign with Christ we will do so mostly with our words as per understanding.

You’re supposed to be decreeing and declaring God’s will, the way of goodness, the way of life, for others, for the earth, and even including your own self! 

You’re supposed to be decreeing and declaring your own future for success! 

Here Kevin Zadai reveals 2 awesome videos below about the personality of Jesus since Kevin is able to meet Jesus face-to-face.  Because Kevin has a similar ministry to Kat Kerr except Kat meets with God the Father person to Person and Kevin meets directly with Jesus, God the Son.   Hear for yourself:



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