How to go to Heaven – Simplified Version

How to go to Heaven – Simplified Version

The Answer: Learn the New Testament & do everything in the New Testament says. 

“Trust and Obey for their is No Other Way…”

  1. Receive the FREE Gift of Salvation.   Success at being a saved Christian comes with becoming good at receiving. 
  2. Believe on Jesus for REAL.  Believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the grave back to Heaven.  Why did Jesus die for your sins?  Because God the Father is completely holy and is in all time and everyone at once.  One sin kicked the rebellious angels out of Heaven forever.  We all have tons of sins as you’ll see by learning the list of 666 Sins of the Bible.  We were all doomed to Hell.  But God the son offered to die for us and save us to restore us back to God the Father.  Issues of Heaven and Hell are way more serious than most of us thought as we were made aware of by numerous Heaven and Hell visitation journeys that shows you how serious every minute of your life, every word you say, every thought you think and every action you do, actually is.  So treat matters of getting into Heaven VERY seriously.
  3. Obey the New Testament.  Read the New Testament multiple times a year and treat the New Testament as a.  A homework assignment.  B. For instructions how to reprogram your soul (your mind and heart’s mind) because we all have been bombarded by the commands, rules and instructions of the Kingdom of Darkness, Hell for many decades.  We’ve picked up a lot of bad beliefs that are stuck in the layers of our soul. We need to disbelieve the bad and believe the New Testament, all the verses, all the instructions, all the commands.  Be aggressive about this.  Once you reprogram your soul with the New Testament then you become a doer of good, habitually, even onto becoming the 4th seed that bears some 30, some 60 some 100 fold return for God and the Kingdom of Heaven which in turns builds you hefty eternal wealth in the process.

What does that mean?  The instructions, the system of enabling you to have a close relationship with God in the way He wants and needs it to be (and not the way you, I and all of these religions and denominations make up.)

All of the instructions are there.  Don’t cut parts out as those looking for some other ‘easy way’ which is not an easy way.  Be taught by God only.  Follow Jesus, He is your One and Only Teacher. Only God can tell you how to get into His house and live with Him forever. Follow the instructions that God gives and don’t make up your own stuff and don’t follow others who make up their own stuff.

Concerned About End Times? It’s Smarter to Be Concerned About Your Own Personal End Time Which Could Be Technically at Any Moment:  Realize that we are here in this realm for testing to see if we will choose God with our hearts or Satan. Choosing God is qualified by you obeying the New Testament. Because if you obey the ways of the world then that is counted as you obeying Satan, Lucifer which is to make your own way, for you to try and become God, to replace God. And since without God we can’t have any pain or be anything or even exist then what would be the most logical and intelligent decision? Is right to do that you know in your gut? I know that we can easily be manipulated through emotional thought? Think of the buying process when we are shopping – when do we make smart purchases versus dumb purchases?  Time to do what is right according to what you know in your sense of knowing, your gut vs. swirling, random emotional thought (which is usually always wrong…)

A. Reward, wealth, power happiness and love surrounded by people who love you and who are looking out for your best with the ability to become a king and a lord verses B. eternal sorrow misery torture and destruction over and over and over being shredded apart by demons… – which sounds better to you?   The answer should be pretty obvious (unless you are using emotional thinking based on tricks of the bad guys or past hurts, past unforgiveness that you have…).   We think that choice A. sounds much better than choice B.  How about you?

The Objective:  Draw closer and closer and closer and closer to God…….  Marry God.  Become a child of God reborn from above into the family of God. Become an obedient child of God. Become a priest of God. Become a lord then a king of God under the authority of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  Know God.  Trust God personally as in person to Person. Walk with God.  Be led by the Spirit of God moment by moment.  Bear fruit for God (love experiences).  Build the Kingdom of God.  Get saved. Get into Heaven.  Become immortal where you can never, ever die again.  Become totally in love with God and God with you.  Generated massive eternal wealth, real wealth (multidimensional homes, endless wardrobes, space ships etc.  Be able to use your gifts and talents that God gave you to bless others and for others to bless you.  Free shopping – everything is free in Heaven. And so much more (listen to Kat Kerr recordings and books to know more about what is in Heaven – it’s shocking, amazing, super positive and super fun – knowing what awaits you in Heaven will certainly motivate you to enter the race (get born again) and run that race hard all the way to the end (the exiting of these “meat suits”). 

Also keep in mind that you’re in a realm that could also be called “war realm”. If you haven’t noticed already, there is an actual fierce war in the spirit realm (would you could think of as the thought realm) which is a dimension higher than ours which is why you can’t see them unless they choose to step into this realm.  Most of this war is over… you!  And the prize is you whereas whomever owns you at the end of your life gets to keep you, forever. 

What the terms of this ownership? Obedience! The one you hope they is your lord and master, master as an owner as an slave owner.  If you obey the ways of darkness than Sin and Satan gets to keep you because they would be your lord.  But if you obey God, Jesus, the New Testament, then Jesus becomes your Lord and He will keep you with him in eternity in Heaven and beyond.

But understand as soon as you get your first sin after getting out of the age of innocence which may be scientifically speaking at seven although it could be a lot younger or older, and you don’t want to guess, you became owned by Satan.  So if you want to go to Hell and the Lake of Fire for an eternity then all you have to do is nothing.  And for those who are not redeemed by Jesus, saved out of this realm, their destination Hell and the Lake of Fire.  And if you see the list of 666 Sins of the Bible you’ll quickly realize that you have sinned and have done many many many of those ( although not judging you personally of course – you’ll see when you see the list!).  And all the devil, the kingdom of darkness needs to do is keep you from being redeemed by Jesus through genuine believing on Jesus to be born again from above, to be redeemed having the new man birthed into you, born into the family of God, becoming a child of God, becoming part God through your new Spirit man, your Holy Spirit entwined Spirit man.

There is a great clean out of the universe going on separating good from bad.  Mankind has fallen into this lower realm of “war world” and everything in this world is on a path to destruction because of the willful choosing to push God away, rejecting God personally, the source of life, pushing God away to do things their own way. 

So logically if a being does not want life then they get the opposite which is death and eternal death after the great separation which happens at the end of your life in the/or at the end of the age.

This realm is about testing where God gives you the fair choice of choosing him and his ways or the ways of darkness. It’s your choice. If you want to go to heaven then choose God’s ways which are described in the Bible particularly the New Testament for us now.

So we fell into a trap into a hole and we needed help! We needed help to be restored back to God, the source of all life. And so therefore God had become down himself in the form of man to redeem us. God the Son took on this role to redeem us, to restore God’s family back to Him.  And God set up this mechanism where He would come down in the form of Jesus, live amongst us, teach us the way to escape this realm, drink the cup of all the sins that were committed and then die for our sins putting to death those sins on the cross to cancel out our sins after which He then rose back up to Heaven from the grave.  So that through Jesus you can have the forgiveness of sins (offenses and rejections of God Almighty) because Jesus drank the cup and took all of the sins of the world into Him at one time and put those sins to death on the cross providing you a bridge back to God the Father and eternal life.

And when you get saved into Heaven after you get into Heaven, the ability to sin will be taken away from you so you will not have to worry about sinning  anymore.  You will also become immortal.  You will rule and reign with Jesus the King of kings and Lord of lords where you can become a lord and king under Jesus starting to rein the millennial reign and the New Earth to come (and the new Earth will be as big as a galaxy!). 

But you need to make it into Heaven first and that comes through obeying the entire New Testament.  Remember that!  Because a lot of religions and denominations continuously, at least in the past, have looked for shortcuts and easy ways that were not easy ways but were wrong ways that can put a person in danger of going on “the broad path” back to the pit or the outer darkness. The only easy way is to obey Jesus which means to obey the New Testament.   Because Jesus has said that by following Him and obeying Him, your burden will be easy and light.  So remember that!

“Trust & Obey for there is No Other Way…. ” (from an old hymn).

  1. Trust = personal trust. It is similar to a trust you have with a best friend.
  2. Obey
    1. God is God Almighty, common sense says we need to do what He says.  But what does God say?  The New Testament!  And the New Testament also teaches you how to hear God’s voice in real time thereby “walking in the Spirit” and “being the new man”.
    2. The New Testament is God’s “rules of relationship” and every verse stated in a command style and an implied command style will teach you how to have a closer and closer relationship with God.  (As opposed to religious, denomination rules that push God away further and further.)
    3. Be taught by God directly and stop getting confused by man.  Man’s denominations has made a mess of things.  Do not trust in man.  We can hear others but only God can teach you about Himself!  In a similar way, who can teach others about you, who you are, what you’re thinking, what you like?  Someone else who has a snap shot of you or you?  Are you seeing how that works?

Do not be lazy about reading the Bible. You must work HARD to get the know the Bible.  Not knowing the Bible puts you in a dangerous position.  You’ll hear much deception and trickery even ever so slightly against the Bible and God’s word, what God says and about Who He is as a person through others and in the thought realm by kingdom of darkness workers.  Tricking you into Hell or the outer darkness is the job of all of the bad guys, the kingdom of darkness workers. They are highly skilled at it and if you do not know the Bible well you could get easily tricked as so many people have.

Technically speaking the ways of God are in line with all of the positive emotions and their positive related actions. And part of that pertains to the logical order of things and the reasons why we were created which is to bless God and make Him happy and feel loved.  And by blessing God, by making Him happy and feel loved you then and therefore become highly blessed yourself. It works out quite well. 

What do you want and like  in regards to everything, the vast picture of tings?  Think about it.  By doing so you’ll get to know God better because why?  We were not only made in His Image but also His LIKENESS!  You’ll see that as you get to know the Bible better in particular.  Get on our Volume Bible Reading plans from the right hand menu.

So in order to bless God and make Him happy and feel loved you’ll need to listen to His instructions. That makes sense doesn’t it?   I mean think about it, in your relationship let’s say with your spouse if you have one, or someone you’re dating, don’t you need it tell them what you like and don’t like, what you can tolerate and not tolerate?  Of course!  Well God does this in a comprehensive way that makes things easy for us, relatively speaking, because he wrote it all down for us in the Bible particularly the New Testament.

After all God is God Almighty and since He is all-knowing, everywhere and in all time, He is massive.   In another sense He is also many dimensions higher than us so He can have an individualized relationship with billions of people at the same time.  And on the other hand He experiences each relationship individually. He experiences the good and as well as the bad on an individualized basis with each person. So then therefore we want to make sure that we bring goodness to God.  And in order to do so we need to follow His instructions which are all in the New Testament.

Again it is ultra important for you to be taught by God directly. This starts with reading the New Testament and then the whole Bible over and over again.

When you read the Bible, open yourself up and hear from God and let Him teach you.  Think more in terms of hearing God’s voice on the spirit side not the conscious mind side (the conscious mind is the lower-level mind for this realm that cannot handle very much information nor can it understand much – so therefore we use the spirit mind so start testing that out.   But you’ll need to get the new man, the new spirit born from above from God first. You need that spirit upgrade by becoming born of God by becoming born again from above.  See the steps below especially the one with the “sinners prayer” on how to do that now.

Action steps to Get into Heaven:

1. Get our Volume Bible reading plan. Start with the New Testament – Read the New Testament 12 Times a Year Plan.  Know the Word.  Be taught by God directly.  Start to get an understanding of what’s going on in the Bible.  Keep an open mind and don’t prejudge what you’re reading because someone told you this or that in the past.  The Bible is a highly complex and I would say, a multi dimensional document with many many layers of meaning and understanding.    

Getting to know the Bible is like getting to know a person.  You get to know a person little by little and layer by layer by spending time with them and talking to them.  Well in this case, the Person you are getting to know is God Himself, and one of His Names is “The Word of God”, as an actual name (Name of Jesus before He put on flesh and took on the name of Yeshua, Jesus).

God is your Maker.  Jesus is your Maker.  Their is NOTHING that has been made without Jesus, including you.   Jesus is an expression out of God the Father and has always been with God the Father. 

2. Ask God if you can become one of His Children and be in Heaven with Him. Has God to show your the Way to get into Heaven

3.  Formally Believe for Real in Your Heart and Ask Jesus to Be Your Lord: When He shows you the Way, you understand that believing in and obeying Jesus is the way.  And now you need to formally believe in your heart, that Jesus is God the Son Who died for your sins and rose from the grave back to Heaven.  This is the deal.  And you have to ACTUALLY believe in your heart and you know if you are or not.  You need to actually and fully believe in Jesus, that He is God the Son Who died for your sins and rose from the grave  back to heaven.  I say this to contrast those, like me, who grew up in a Christian related religious organization who went through steps like this but never 1. really knew what they were saying or believing   2. or never really believed FOR REAL with their heart on Jesus.

THEN you must “confess with your mouth” (and mean it) that Jesus is Lord.  So you say Jesus I believe you are Lord.  “And now I ask you to be my Lord, my director of life.  I ask you to save me all the way to Heaven and never ever let me go no matter what.   I give you myself Lord Jesus.  Please direct my life to total eternal success and draw me closer and closer to you.”  You can say that as a prayer and mean it.  

Here is another model salvation prayer you can use that is standard to help people become actually born again into the family of God.

4. Believe On Jesus: This means you believe in Him personally, you believe what He says, you believe that you need to do what He says to do and you do what He says to do. Jesus will instruct you and your relationship with Him, God the Father and God Holy Spirit, you believe that God is Good and you trust Him, you trust the way He does things, you understand that everything is very complex as God makes a masterpiece big picture and that you can’t understand to that level so therefore you just trust your Father God, Jesus the Son & Holy Spirit that God knows what He’s doing and He’s Good.

By believing that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead you will become born again from above. So at that moment you believe for real a very powerful transformation will happen in you that will actually stop all of Heaven. You will have a new man born and you, born of God. This is your new spirit man. (spirit man = man or woman). But this is a full belief believing in your heart on Jesus that He died for your sins and rose from the grave back into Heaven. It is simple. Believe like a child can believe. Open up your heart.

Now after you’ve received this new man you can advance forward maturing in Christ.

What’s a sin? See the list of 666 sins of the Bible on our website. You’ll see that you’ve been sinning all over the place, with most sins being sins you probably never heard about before.

Trusting is a big thing. Because if you don’t trust that God is good you will not be open to Him. You will find yourself going into some religion with a bunch of rules designed to push God away personally, thereby putting yourself in big trouble.

If you trust God personally you will open up to Him. You’ll hear His Word. You’ll accept what He says. You accept what God says in the Bible. You’ll do what God says even when it doesn’t make sense at the time; you’ll just simply do it. You will open up to him in real time in the Spirit. You will walk in the Spirit. You will follow Jesus in real time. You’ll pick up your cross and deny yourself daily. Your yoke in this life will become easy and light. Your joy will be complete. Through your Obedience of Jesus commands of the new Testament and in real time walking in the Spirit you will bear much fruit, like the 4th seed. You will produce a great return for God and you will build eternal wealth for yourself in the mean time.

5. Write down or type or copy and paste every verse form the New Testament that is stated in a command style or an implied command style. i.e. “do this” “do that” “don’t do this or that”. Implied: “hear this” or implied to understand this or that.  Learn those.  Program Jesus’ commands into your soul and uninstall all the sins listed in the Bible (start with the list of 666 sins of the Bible you can find on our website.

6. Whatever you focus on grows.  Focus on the things of God not the ways of the world. God wants you to overcome the world not immerse yourself in it it’s ways.  He want’s  you to detach yourself from it, not being bound down by anything of this world choosing Him instead. 

Do you want to focus on having success for the next trillion years? Or do you only want to focus on your success now? You can do both if you focus on putting the Kingdom of God first and his righteousness. So that means, obey Jesus commands of the New Testament to be righteous (contains all the instructions of success for eternal life) and intentionally seek to grow the Kingdom of God here on earth. You’ll do well in this life and super well for the next trillion…. years. What you do now sets up your eternity.  This life is the testing and proving zone and every little thing you do and say counts.

To set yourself up for maximum success here and forever simply follow all the New Testament instructions and go after all of the reward opportunities that the New Testament offers.  Understand that what you do to produce for the Kingdom of God in this life through your obedience of the Word of God and in real time in the Spirit, will produce incredible reward for you and incredible Eternal wealth, real wealth that lasts:  (huge mansions, spaceships, bling, friends, honor, respect … listen to Heaven visitations for more accurate details on that)(So Jesus wasn’t just talking about spiritual and relationship wealth, although that is indeed the most valuable, He was also talking about “stuff” really cool stuff (I mean come on, get your own spaceship?!).  Plus everything is free in Heaven.  Everyone uses their gift.  You can go shopping for free for example.  Unlimited food whenever you want, free.   Heaven is full of fun and adventure.  Heaven is full of love.  There are no mean people in Heaven!  You can have awesome friends.  There are parties all the time.   And most of all, you get to be with God and you’ll do all sorts of fun things with Him too, yes God Almighty!  He loves you!  So get with the program.  Overcome this world.  Bear lots and lots of fruit for the Kingdom!!

And yes if you have a pet that you loved they will be there in your mansion waiting for you. And no they will not mess it up and they don’t need to “use the bathroom” in Heaven. Amen!  (These types of details are dervied from Heaven Visit videos:  Recommended:  Listen to all Kat Ker’s videos from Youtube and recordings from her site to learn all sorts of things about Heaven. )

7. Understand that this realm on Earth is a battleground and training ground for you to learn things. Your time here is very serious and is not to be squandered. Look to make use of every single second, learning and understanding the Word of God and doing what the Word of God says in addition to obeying Jesus in real time.

What are you training for?

Well firstly you’re learning how to live in Heaven (remember your soul will be going with you, your new spirit man. And your soul, which is like a computer, started as a blank computer as a baby. And your soul needs to be reprogrammed, uninstalling the viruses and the bad software (beliefs) from what you picked up from this world and installing the ways, the commands of Jesus, the laws of the Kingdom of Heaven.) And secondly you are training to be a priest, then a lord then a king. You need to be trained in the meat of the Word so you can differentiate right from wrong so you can become:  a judge and ruler along with your other brothers and sisters, over the whole universe, with Jesus being the King of kings and Lord of lords. So therefore we are supposed to be these lords and kings that Jesus is King and Lord over.

So wake up! Let that blow your mind!! The opportunity is massive and it is eternal! Don’t waste your time in this life! Pay attention. Get to work mastering Jesus commands and following Him in real time. Submit everything, every decision, every thought even, everything in your life in to Jesus: turn it all in to Him and get something back MUCH MUCH MUCH better!