How to Escape Hell Enter Heaven

Escape Hell Enter Heaven

We Like to Concern Ourselves About the “End Times”  But It’s More Wise to Confront Our Own Personal “End Time” and Get It Settled, Well, Immediately…

I’m going to tell you how to get into Heaven as best I can on this page but from here your very exciting journey has just begun. If you want the full and exact instructions on How to Get Into Heaven see the Bible,  the New Testament in particular.

WARNING:  Getting into Heaven is no where as easy as most religions tell you.  This is your eternal life on the line.  Heaven or Hell are the only two results after you die.  Whoever your Lord/lord is will come get you at the end of your life:  God the Son and His angels or / Satan and his workers.   Your Lord is whom you obey.

WARNING 2:  If you have been brought up in a religion or denomination it’s time to throw out ALL their doctrines and start from scratch with the Bible and your One and Only Teacher Who is… Jesus/Yeshua Who is God the Son.  You must do what the Word of God says to be saved in it’s entirety.  MOST denominations, religions take a few verses, twist them to make an easier way or to get you to follow them instead of following the Lord Jesus even moment by moment through the Spirit.   We’ll explain how this works later.

How to Get into Heaven in a Nutshell:  Do all of what the New Testament says.  Read it over and over.  Obey Jesus.  Do what He wants which is for you to love Him, in fact be IN LOVE with Him, to worship and praise Him in Spirit and in Truth and to obey His Son Jesus which is to do what the New Testament says.  Bring a return for God.  “Bear fruit”.  Make God feel loved by stop sinning and obeying Jesus’ commands.   So consider starting out getting on our Read the New Testament 12 Times a Year Volume Bible Reading Plan.  If you have questions about the Bible, ask God directly and listen. Stop listening to man. Man can express himself but only God can teach you about Himself, correctly.

So that’s all you need.  But here are some more details expressed out below.  Like I said, the best I can do is express myself in the moment, from a certain period of time.  My understanding is continually growing.  There no “experts” among men/women.  Only God is the expert and He said quite frankly that He is our One and Only Teacher.  That does make a lot of sense if you think about it.

A comprehensive study of every verse of the Bible we can find regarding getting into Heaven well and avoiding Hell will be going up at the How to Go to Heaven website.  Right now we’re backed up processing a lot of materials at the same time but you can see some videos there on that site that are very helpful.

I’ll be informing you of what the whole Bible says about getting into Heaven because I want you to absolutely succeed, to “overcome and win the victory”, to become exceedingly eternally wealthy in Heaven and know all angles of what it takes to get in.  I say this because most denominations don’t tell you the whole picture since they tend to extract a few verses out while ignoring others while making their “doctrines”.   And if you want to get right with God then you deal directly with God and His Word.  After all we are even commanded to “ask, seek and knock” repeatedly so it’s time to stop trusting man and start trusting God directly and personally.

I want you to understand a few things before we get started:

  • Getting into Heaven is about getting and staying right with God.
  • Getting into Heaven is about becoming one of God’s adopted children, adopted into the Kingdom of God.  How you do this is that you undergo a spiritual birth where your “new man” your spirit man is born unto you for right now you only have a soul and a flesh body.  In order for this to happen you need to fully believe with your heart in Jesus and then you need to receive Him as your Lord (Master, Teacher, Director, Shepard to you the sheep where you follow His leading of your life.  So think of it this way: you get a super close relationship with God Almighty Who loves you and is looking out for your eternal success and you get Total Genius, God Almighty showing you step by step they way to total success (and this success, eternal wealth lasts billions upon billions of years)
  • You get total joy finally find that happiness you’ve been searching for…
  • You’ll have a feeling of total freedom.
  • You’ll get more excitement and higher highs then anything you can experience on Earth and it’s all pure and good that most don’t even understand until they experience God.
  • You’ll finally feel loved, deeper, richer and bigger than any time before.
  • You’ll be getting into Heaven where no bad stuff is, where tons of super awesome stuff is, where there is tons of fun and where everyone likes you, loves you and is nice to you, and no one is mean.

Time Get Motivated So You Don’t Delay!

And just so you know:  End Times Beacon is not trying to sign you up for anything.  We’re not associated to any denomination and we seek to follow the “doctrine of Christ” which is plainly and bluntly following the Word of God, the New Testament in particular. Eventually I’ll  have lots of helpful training for you but just understand that everything is free and there are no strings attached.  Just give me and anyone else working on this site into the future a big giant hug when you see me in Heaven. 🙂

But let’s get “down to business”:

Look, I know most folks don’t like thinking about negative things. Not many really like thinking about death and what happens after one dies.  It’s complicated, mysterious and kinda scary. And I bet you certainly don’t like thinking about Hell.

Plus you probably heard so many different ideas through so many different religions denominations that your head is spinning.  I totally understand! I’ve been there.  But at this point is just time to stop thinking so much and guessing, worrying and wondering.  It’s time to just get eternal life “done” and start the journey to an everlasting awesomeness back to God in a super exciting, amazing and fun place called Heaven.

Understand that there are two options at the end of your life on Earth. A. Heaven. or B.  Hell.   That’s it.  There is no “mysterious bliss”  or whatever other fabricated concept you may have heard.  It’s Heaven or Hell – Whomever owns you at the end of your life will come get you:  God and His angels or Satan and his demons.

Hell is extremely terrible, beyond what any Hollywood producer has been able to produce.  The brutal torture for eternity is beyond the imagination;  it’s really, really terrible.  Go see this Heaven and Hell visitation site so you get the reality of Hell and Heaven.  The world is very distracting and your time is short, everybody’s time is short.  Use your emotions for urgency to take action and do what the Bible says as fast as you can.

The extra scary part is that it is very easy to end up in Hell.  How?  Just do nothing. Go on and live for yourself trying to maximize your life in this world towards the pleasure and experience of this flesh body.  Ignore God. Don’t get right with God.  And don’t deal with the big nasty 3 letter “S” word – SIN.  And sure enough: presto you would end up in Hell locked in for eternity with no escape.  Unfortunately most are going this way but you can help them out later after you get fixed up and into Heaven yourself first.

Why is there a Hell?  Because this guy who was a super high ranking angel birthed, brought to life what is called “iniquity force”.  He became the very first liar.  Iniquity force one could say is similar to antimatter as antimatter is to matter and as iniquity is to holiness, goodness.

Lucifer let vanity go to his head due to his looks plus high position and then started to think he was better than God Almighty.   He then led a rebellion and convinced 1/3 of Heaven’s angels to turn on God.  They were literally trying to “overthrow God” and take the Kingdom of Heaven with this guy Lucifer leading the not so bright charge.   Well that didn’t work out too well for the rebellion.  But it was really upsetting to God which is why things are the way they are today and why God the Son had to come and die on the cross to make things right and restore the order of things. Yes this can get pretty complicated but just understand, God wins and you want to get on His team.

But in regards to Hell:  this mess Lucifer who now is called Satan (the Adversary) created this nasty stuff called sin, the “iniquity force”.  So God had to create a new home for this iniquity force.  This home is Hell.  So iniquity is terrible stuff and it needed a fitting home so Hell and then eventually the very terrible Lake of Fire is where it goes.  You do not want to end up in the home of iniquity. 

So therefore you need to 1. Believe and receive Jesus Lord  2. Repent – which means to turn away from iniquity force things, also called sin and get all iniquity force out of your soul and then install holiness, righteousness into your soul which are the commands of the New Testament, which are any verse stated in a command style or implied command style.   Yes you want to get all iniquity out of you and install all holiness within you.  This process can be done over time but it’s best to speed it up as fast as possible working with the Lord for when you are complete or even near complete you will start manifesting fruit for the God and the Kingdom of God, while building your own eternal wealth in the process.

The Best Way to Prepare for The End Times or “Your End Times” (Death) is to Immediately Learn the Bible and Do What the Bible (New Testament) Says to Do!

Now of course we can’t predict exactly when the rapture will happen, when the tribulation will start or when you will personally die.  But so many things are coming together in terms of end times prophecy that the probability is very high, that the actual end of this age “end times” is near if not imminent, as of this typing even, possibly.  But at what stage are we of end times?

We have recently entered the Kingdom Age, the period before the 7 year tribulation.  This is a period of total awesomeness for those who join Jesus’s command to conquer the world for the great End Times Harvest of which the goal is 1 billion souls to get into Heaven – Make sure you are one of these 1 Billion souls!! And it is very smart to take immediate action on getting saved, born again, right with God, even right now because the dark side will also increase it’s tricks and you don’t want to get fooled into Hell either.  So join Heaven NOW! (See details below:)

This Kingdom Age is reported to last over a hundred years or “many many generations” according to one prophet who visits Heaven a lot.  And even you, yes you will have to opportunity to do supernatural, super powered things for the glory of God and experience amazing super exciting, fun experiences, victories to celebrate forever!   So get yourself born again and obeying God Almighty’s instructions for total, utter eternal success and massive eternal wealth!!

More importantly, let’s not get too caught up in “end times stuff”  But let’s focus in on what counts.  What is that?  It’s YOU getting into Heaven and avoiding Hell!  And you becoming ultra eternally wealthy in wealth that counts, and this is wealth does not rot and lasts forever.  Did you know that the New Testament commands you to become eternally rich? (Not earthly rich but eternally rich to clear up that confusion – the New Testament details how to do that.) Have you heard that some folks have built such massive eternal wealth that their Heavenly house is as big as an entire city?  That’s neat!  I want you to have one of those homes so I can come visit! 🙂

Ok so if eternal wealth doesn’t excite you, the love of God most certainly will.  Just imagine God your Maker loving you so much, being excited about you, proud of you and fully approving of you.  Did you know that God will actually sing to you?  (according to a Heaven visitation testimony) That’s just mind blowing amazing.  (My eyes just welled up typing that.)

Just imagine being around people who will love you and treat you kindly for eternity.  Just imagine no more mean people or mean things forever!  Just imagine being around people who like and love you forever.  The list of benefits of getting into Heaven are immense.  Maybe I should type them up sometime but for now, you need to stay focused and get in today!  And start the most amazing ride of your life!

Why do I care?  Why do I care about whether you get into heaven or hell?  Why do I care if you enter heaven well or poorly?

Well, frankly the thought of someone else getting brutally tortured for an eternity (see the Bible + Heaven and Hell visit testimonies) because:

  • They were tricked by some person…
  • They were tricked by Satan or one of his demons directly (they are always trying and they are everywhere),
  • They were tricked by some false religion which dominates the world,
  • They were tricked by some denomination even slightly off course detouring people to the broad path,
  • They were tricked by some demonic nasty thing whispering in your ear which are way more prevalent than people can’t even imagine (see Howard Pittman videos explaining the whole demonic realm including how they influence religions and denominations)…

The thought of seeing any scammed into Hell depresses me. This just should not happen!  You have to choose goodness.   You have to choose God.  God is Good.  God is love.  Don’t be confused about it and understand that you are hearing tricks from the demonic realm directly and through people who aren’t aware where these tricks get you to think wrongly or badly about God.  So understand that it is so very important that you seek God directly.  Reach out with great effort and earnestly for God – See Acts 17: 26-28 (NKJV) “26 And He has made from one blooda] every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, 27 so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; 28 for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’ ”  So seek God hard.  Seek Him personally.  Seek Him directly.  Ask Him your questions and listen for your answer.

The problem is that if we and you don’t take action, get on track to Heaven yourself and help others, the system is set in that people will just keep tragically slipping into the abyss, locked in for eternity, where there is no escape nor redemption.  It’s quite brutal.  And while most of the planet just drifts along thinking everything is going to be just fine and dandy little they know they are falling into a trap.  Real reality is brutal.  Let’s make sure you get on track today and right now.   It sounds mean and terrible but really God gives us a free will and you must choose Him by an act of your will. And if you follow after the world and the ways of the world then you automatically are choosing Satan because Satan has been given the position of lord of the Earth until Jesus, God the Son returns.   So if you like what is evil then you go where evil belongs.  If you like what is holy and good you go where holy and good belongs which is in Heaven

13 “Go in through the narrow gate; for the gate that leads to destruction is wide and the road broad, and many travel it; 14 but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” MT 7:13-14 (CJB)

Yes it’s quite upsetting.  Yes getting torn, chopped to pieces over and over, burnt to a crisp over and over, having snakes and maggots entering into you and out of you over and over and over is very not good! So don’t go there!  Choose Jesus Who is God, the visible form of God.  Believe in Him and make Him your Lord, Master, Ruler of Life and follow Him in real time.  Give up anything and everything you need to give up and obey God – the instructions are in the New Testament.  Now you pass from death to life.  Now you enter into the abundant life.  Now you can look forward to an eternity of wealth, joy, love and fun!

Once you get to know the Bible really well you’ll be shocked how many tricks and lies you’ve been told over your life through various religions and denominations! Thanks be to God that He has recently been revealing more and more of what goes on in the sprit realm which is the “realm of reality” and whereas the physical realm could be thought of a print out expression of a picture of the spirit realm, a lower dimension, a 3rd dimensional compartment of a  dimensional realm (of which the Apostle Paul references the spirit realm Ephesians 3: “18 May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height;” ).  The scary thing is that YOUR soul is on the line.  And it’s YOUR job by an act of your will to choose to seek and obey God.

And you’re still getting told lies whispered into your ear or implanted into your mind by Satan and his workers!  Yes that is true.  BUT YOU MUST OVERCOME ALL OF THIS!  How do you overcome? By believing in,  getting close to and staying close with Jesus and obeying Him. 

Through Jesus you WIN.  Why is that?  Well being close with God is the reason man was created on earth. All of life on earth is and was created for Jesus’ inheritance as the Son of God.  And it gets even deeper than that.  We were created to become the wife of Jesus, spiritually speaking but also relationally speaking.  So understand that level of love and intimacy on the spirit level that God is looking for with YOU yes you.

Did you know that Jesus is your CREATOR?  He made you with His hands in coordination with God the Father and God Holy Spirit. It’s pretty awesome to think about it. 

So since everything is about Jesus, it would be very smart to “get right” with Jesus. “End Times” certainly contains a lot of drama and it draws our attention.  But what’s more important is that you get right with God, your Maker as He tells you.  Just follow Jesus which means to hear and obey and you’re not going to have to worry or fret a thing in these end times.  Plus you’ll have a lot of fun and awesome life experiences to come. 

Here are a few review pointers:

  • This is God’s Earth, His Heaven, Hell.  He made you and is sustaining you right now.  You don’t know your personal “end time”.  You can die at any time but at this moment you have the gift of life eternal in Heaven and with God.  So it’s very smart to do the logical thing and “do the deal” which is actually, finally, fully believe on Jesus in your heart that He died for your sins and was raised from the dead.  And then actually make Jesus  your Lord and Master Who will direct you unto total eternal success, great eternal wealth and lots and lots of love as you follow Him, going with his Flow.
  • Did you know that one sin keeps you out of Heaven and puts you into Hell?  Just one (and yes you’ve already committed many, sorry to say due to sin nature thanks to Adam and Eve plus the Serpent, by getting influenced by this world and a huge list of sins of the Bible that not many teach these days…).  Yes those are just the rules.  God will have no sin ever again in Heaven after Satan’s mess so all of your sins need to be covered. Covered by what?  The blood of the Lamb, the sacrifice that Jesus did for YOU on the cross at Calvary.    This may or may not make sense right now but as you pursue the Bible, God’s Word and read it over and over it will start to make a lot more sense.  You just need to go along with God’s rules to get into God’s Heaven – I bet that makes sense and is just common courtesy, that is to respect God’s rules.
  • You can think of a “blood sacrifice” as you see in the Old Testament and as Jesus finalized, as God the Son came, experienced life like us and died for our sins as something that is to make up for the personal offense to God caused by a sin one does.  The sin is so offensive to God that something brutal needs to be done to counter that offences in order for God to get over your personal offense to Him.  If you put this in your perspective, since you are made in God’s image but also likeness, understand this:  when someone offends you, upsets you, you want that someone to make it up to you which usually comes at effort or cost in order to restore a happy, trusting connection back.  Husband and wives deal with this offence and restoration process quite often.  One would deal with such a process with friends, siblings or other relatives to restore good conditions to a relationship.  So therefore eternal life with God means you need to have your relationship with Him restored, up kept and good and happy where the trust connection is good and open.
  • So in short, yes, in a sense you were pretty much doomed from the start (well, as soon as you pass the age of accountability because if a kid dies that kid goes to Heaven).  It’s just how it is.  This is why you need a Savior Who is God the Son Who is Jesus. And the Good News is that God will wipe the slate clean of any record of wrongdoing (yes even that, and that and those other things you did…).  Wiped clean.  As if you never did anything wrong.  Why?  Because when you receive Jesus then all your sins get covered under the blood of Christ.  It’s pretty amazing once you study it more how that works.
  • “What’s this “sin stuff” all about anyways?”  It’s also called iniquity, or the iniquity force.  Think of it this way:  the iniquity force is like anti matter to matter.  It’s not good.  It’s like a cancer.  You don’t want it because it will eat you up and destroy you.  God is the opposite of iniquity:  He is holy, pure, good, love.  Iniquity, what Satan birthed and was consumed by, is evil, death, destruction, hate, fear, un holy…  So you need to be saved from this inqity force.  Everyone does or you’ll get sucked down into and consumed by this iniquity force sucked all the way down into its home which is Hell and the Lake of Fire.  You definitely don’t want to go their.  This is not a joke.  Hell is not to be taken lightly as most do because they want to be in denial about it.  You must deal with iniquity now by turning away from iniquity, turning away from self and trusting Jesus to save you and guide you even moment by moment away from the pit. 
  • Just understand this whole process is designed for total mind blowing amazingness.  Did you know that God wants a relationship so close to you that it is equated with marriage?  John 17:3 says “Salvation is this: to know you God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son whom you have sent” – Go look up the Greek definition (see of what “know” means!
  • But wait there’s more!  Infinite Genius and Intelligence is offering you today to be your personal Guide through even every moment in life!  You’ll have access to unlimited wisdom, goodness and knowledge and a best, best friend forever Who is all good and is always looking out for your eternal best and eternal success!
  • “But why is God offering so much and such amazing opportunity for me?” “Why would God be interested in puny ol’ me?”.   Answer: God wants a family who genuinely likes and loves Him.  And you are made in His Image and Likeness – don’t forget that.  Plus He has always loved you, but now, you need to choose Him.  You need to choose God by an act o your will.   Even more than that, He is in love with you as mind boggling as that sounds.  You need to think on the spirit level not the flesh level with God.  in fact He is so in love with you that He wants to be your spouse for eternity, which is why those who believe on Jesus are called the bride of Christ.
  • Everything in life here on earth designed this way to make an awesome binding love experience between you and God.  So just don’t think too much, but let go of what others have put in your head and go with God to see what is true or not.  If you have questions who do you ask?  Ask God directly!  Know the truth.  The truth will set you free to have total eternal success.

You Must Be Born Again and Get Clean

You must be born again, born from above, reborn having a new powerful, perfect and holy spirit man version of yourself in order to enter the Kingdom of God.

Being born again means that you need a new version of you that is born of God, that is part God.  Your spirit you used to have up until you did your first sin, as per understanding. So you need this new spirit version of you (who is ageless, eternal, powerful and able to get into Heaven) to replace the old dead spirit version of you although this spirit version is born of God.   This bringing back to life or the replacing of your spirit man is called being born again from above.  It’s a supernatural process that happens when you receive Jesus, when you believe on Jesus for real, in your heart, and confess Him as Lord, thereby making Him your Lord by your choice.  

Being born again is no trivial matter. I hear that the whole of Heaven stops at this moment to watch and rejoice so it’s a BIG DEAL and super awesome.  Yes imagine BILLIONS of people, beings are watching at that moment.  So take this seriously and be super serious and genuine about believing that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the grave.  Be super serious and genuine about asking Jesus to be your Lord.  Be super serious about “repenting” which means to change your way of thinking, to God’s way of thinking. (See the Bible for details on that).

You can have your spirit man back because of what Jesus did for you which is reconcile sinful humanity back to God the Father.  What’s a sin?  It’s an offense where one person in the relationship is so bothered that some sort of restitution, or “make up” at some cost to the other must be made in order to restore the feelings in that relationship again.  (If you’re married you probably know exactly what that means!)  The worst most terrible personal offense to God came from Lucifer who betrayed God and got 1/3 of Heaven to personally reject God, who was arguably God’s closest angel.  That was really bad and must have hurt massively.  Can you imagine?   And if you’ve ever been totally personally and utterly rejected before, as I have, you can have an inkling of what that feels like.  It is a very terrible feeling.

So God the Son Who is Jesus came and experienced life as us.  He then paid the price of restitution of restoring the relationship back with God the Father between man and God while restoring the damage in the entire universe caused by Satan’s mess.  Jesus had to do this because no one else could.   Jesus is God, the “facsimile” of God, the physical image form of God. (See the Book of John and the Book of Hebrews) Therefore all those who “go through Jesus” who are “covered under the blood of Jesus” can be brought back to the Father with a restored relationship with restored feelings.  Is this making more sense now?

So what do you do? 

You believe in Jesus with your heart that Jesus is God the Son: Believe that Jesus came and died for you as a sacrifice for your sins. Believe that Jesus was then was raised back up to Heaven.  This believing has to be a real heart belief.  You have to “believe as a verb”.  You instinctually know how to do this.   Then you admit that Jesus is Lord God which means He is Lord and Master of the entire universe and you admit, confess that He is your Lord which means that you personally choose to make Jesus your Lord.  Tell Jesus you invite Him to be your Lord.

Just saying you believe doesn’t count.  Just an “intellectual assent” does not count.  You must actually and fully believe on Jesus in your heart. This also means you must believe Jesus, believing what He says when He says something whether that’s through the Bible or through the Holy Spirit on your insides in real time to you. You receive God Holy Spirit, Who is the Spirit of God, to live inside you, after you really believe.

Born again means you believe in Jesus, actually and truly, and at that point you are given the Holy Spirit.  And at that point a new man was formed inside of you.  This new man gets to go to heaven attached to your soul.  Your soul is you, your feelings, your memories, your personality, character, emotions,  looks etc…

When you cry out to God to save you He enables you to believe in Jesus actually, truly, genuinely.  So if you need help believing in Jesus just ask God the Father to help you believe in Jesus.

This is by your choice, by your will.  You have to personally believe in Jesus.  You have to turn your life over to Jesus.  No one can force you to believe on Jesus.  You must choose as an act of your will.

You have to trust Him with your life now and future life to come. You have to trust Him that He will save you into Heaven.  You have to trust Him that He will look out for your good and help you out so you can enter heaven well. You will have a personal, one-on-one relationship with Jesus whereas Jesus becomes your Lord and you His servant, where you become a son or daughter of God and eventually even a friend, through obedience of Jesus commands.

Through Jesus you have a relationship with the Father and Holy Spirit.  Everything, all life, eternal life, access to the Father God and Holy Spirit God starts with and is through Jesus. And of course you have a personal relationship with Jesus, a very personal one because you become His bride! (On spirit level there is no male or female brothers so don’t think too hard on how you would become a bride at this point in time :).  Oh yes.  There is a marriage ceremony in Heaven.  In fact all of human history is laid out in the sequence of a Jewish wedding ceremony in it’s various steps – it’s quite fascinating.

To repeat:  How do you become born again and get saved?   (We have action steps for you below. ) You do so firstly by you receiving, believing, trusting Christ, that Christ Jesus came down to die for your sins and was raised from the dead to be seated at the right hand of the Father.  You confess that, admit that Jesus is the son of God, that Jesus is Lord, accepting him as your Lord, your Ruler, your King.  So from here on out you acknowledge Jesus as your Lord and you submit to your Lord, obey, honor your Lord.  Doing so is done on a personal moment to moment basis and to His Word, the Bible.

“Staying Clean” = Obeying Jesus Commands Which Makes Him Your Lord Which is Salvation After You’ve Become Born Again

As you’ll see with several of the Heaven and hell Visitation videos seem to keep coming out, there is a point that is quite startling that is strongly emphasized in each visitation.  This point is that you must repent of your sins even after the point you become born again. This means you need to stay clean.  And that essentially means that you keep your relationship with God good and open.  If you’re married I’m sure you know what happens when you do something that offends your spouse – the happiness disappears and the openness closes down and trust diminishes.  A similar thing applies whereas sins, and the commands of the New Testament are basically “relationship rules” the Lord gives us that makes Him happy plus what makes Him upset so we know how to have a good relationship with Him.

What this also means is that there has been confusion over the concept of “once saved always saved” whereas people tend to say that as an excuse to sin, offending and insulting Jesus all over the place.  That’s just not a good idea.  After all you’re only engaged and not married yet!  So stick with the Bible and avoid feeble man made doctrines because there have been a lot of those out there over the past many decades.

No matter what one’s denominational doctrine is, you can’t put doctrine above the Word, the Bible.  So this means you need to get to know the Bible very well and do what the Bible says.  The Bible does speak many, many times about abiding in Christ and walking well, repenting of your sins, not trampling the gift of salvation by going into sin and how you must bear fruit for God and the Kingdom…

And no matter what, no matter how confused you may feel, it’s just the whole lot smarter confessing repenting out of, getting rid of(changing your mind about) sins that you have done, enjoyed, are hooked on or think that are ok.  And restore that relationship with Jesus.  Remember that after you are born again God is right there with you, all the time!

Also you need to bear fruit of the Holy Spirit in your personal life and in interaction with others.  By abiding in Christ goodness will well up out of you and inspire you to do good works, good works that count eternally.  By obeying Jesus commands of the New Testament you will start to do everything right and bear fruit 30, 60 and 100 fold for the Kingdom.   But don’t be fooled and don’t be what worried about what other people think – when you are inspired by the Holy Spirit DO whatever He says!

Take Action!  It’s Time to Get Into Heaven and then Move on to Total Victory in Your Life, Victory as Defined by the Bible:

  1. Become Born Again in Christ Jesus:
    • Repent and turn to God.  Repent means drop, let go, get rid of one way and go another way and simply turn to God.  “Repent” Biblically speaking It does not mean “feel sorry about” as many believe.  It just means stop going the wrong way and start going God’s way.  It also does not mean to keep beating yourself up over mistakes, going the wrong way, just stop it, drop it, forget it and roll on over to God.   It’s just stop obeying everything else and just simply start obeying God.  No you don’t need to punish yourself and feel really sorry just stop doing the, start doing the good, start loving and obeying God!  That’s it!
    • Cry out to God, your Maker, from your insides:  Tell Him you’ll give up everything and ask Him if you can become one of His children and get into Heaven.  So simply and directly ask God your Maker, the One you KNOW from your insides Who is God.  Don’t call on any names of God you may have had in your religion for you may actually be calling on someone, or rather something else.  Just call God, God.  “Dear God…” or “God…” Ask Him to enable you to believe in Jesus.  Or even ask Him to show you Jesus.
    • Believe in Jesus:  Believe that He is the Son of God who came down as a final sacrifice for your sins and was raised from the dead. Believe as a verb.
    • Confess Jesus as Lord.  Claim Jesus as your Lord, your new Ruler of Life, Your Master (your Leader, Boss), Your Teacher and turn your life over to Him to direct your life.  This is trusting Jesus.  Now have Jesus direct your life and no one or nothing else, including yourself going forward.
    • You can Say a prayer like this right now and become born again if you pray it directly to God and mean it:   (from here is a nice audio version of it )  Read it through first then pray it.
      • “Dear Lord Jesus, come into my
        heart. Forgive me of my sin.
        Wash me and cleanse me. Set
        me free. Jesus, thank You that
        You died for me. I believe that
        You are risen from the dead and
        that You’re coming back again
        for me. Fill me with the Holy
        Spirit. Give me a passion for the
        lost, a hunger for the things of
        God and a holy boldness to
        preach the gospel of Jesus
        Christ. I’m saved; I’m born
        again, I’m forgiven and I’m on
        my way to Heaven because I
        have Jesus in my heart.”
    • Get baptized by immersion signifying death of sin nature and rebirth, being born again from above to new life. When you are born again from above you actually become a new creature in Christ as the Holy Spirit brings your spirit man back alive.  This is the rebirth.  this is being born again.
    • Get baptized in the Holy Spirit, a second baptism, which all of the early church believers did do.  You want a full filling and power from the Holy Spirit to help you walk right, overcome and bear fruit.  Usually this happens by a laying on of hands for you to receive the Holy Spirit who moves from along side you, then into you.  This gives you more power in God.
  2. Get on a volume Bible Reading Plan – very important.  Read the Bible at least 3 times a year.  You can get our Bible Reading System and Volume Bible Reading Plans Here.  Reading the Bible even just one time a year is not enough to know the Word, the Bible. You need to get to know the Bible as you would get to know a person.  Doing a volume Bible reading plan, as you’ll see, can become one of the best habits you’ve ever experienced.
  3. Learn The Commands Of Jesus of the New Testament  – This is an important step that most modern watered down denominations have neglected to do which is teach you Jesus commands of the New Testament.  This is HUGE because through the commands you’ll 1. be able to keep a good relation ship with God since these commands are His “rules of relationship”  2. You’ll be able to keep from getting tricked into sinning which is very easy to do but won’t be after you turn these commands into a habit.  3. You’ll start bearing tons of fruit for the Kingdom which is essential to entering well into Heaven.
    1. It is critical that you Learn the commands of Jesus from the New Testament, from the Gospels & Revelation and the other books in the New Testament through the Apostles.  When we obey Jesus commands we love Him, we abide in Him, we become holy, we become a good witness for Jesus, we have the life more abundant as Jesus says, we bear much fruit and we pile up eternal wealth while making many awesome eternal relationships.   This is emphasized here because you don’t hear a lot of teaching these days about actually obeying Jesus when He tells us something to do.  Love Jesus. Stay loyal to Him in every way, shape and form of loyalty.  Also hearing, understanding and putting Jesus commands into practice so they become a habit will help prevent you from becoming seduced by some strange, erroneous doctrine which usually comes in the form of some ‘easier’ way or some more ‘religious’ sounding way (the leaven of Herod and the leaven of Pharisee).
    2. Here is a new website we’re working on You’ll be able to see lists and explanations there of each command and how to do Jesus’ commands.  Understand that in order to make Jesus your Lord you need to do what He says, you need to actually put His sayings into practice, build your house on the rock instead of sand.  Luke 6:46 ” “Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?”  For salvation comes from making and keeping Jesus as Lord.  Romans 10:10
    3. Get this list of 666 Sins of the Bible.  Know what the sins are exactly and make sure you stop doing them by stopping believing that they are ok or good to do.  Sins after you are born again will be held against you and that is NOT good.  If you continue to sin then you will be counted as a “worker of lawlessness” and will be toss out of Heaven into the outer darkness, forever.  So get on it.  Don’t mess around.  Don’t follow man, religions, society – but you follow Jesus and obey Him.  Don’t mess around with eternity!  This is but a short time and you and I want to make sure we enter well and well, enter!
  4. Pray formally at least once a day.  Then graduate into praying, conversing with God continually.   That means don’t do all the talking, start listening more and more – you’ll be amazed.
  5. Learn How to Praise and Worship God – Why?  It’s fun for you and it’s fun for God.  It’s an awesome experience, a love experience actually between you and God and God and you.  God really likes it!  How?  I have fond just being factual, honest about God as I have gotten to know Him better and better by reading the Bible over and over is great praise and worship because He is so amazing and “amazing is how He rolls” (my words).   Eating a great piece of organic fruit makes me want to praise, worship and give thanks to Him because it’s such an amazing thing He made.
  6. Give Thanks to God – the Bible says to give thanks in everything.

    1 Thessalonians 5:18 “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”
  7. Invest your money and time in the Kingdom.  Give to the Lord.  Do things for the Lord not yourself.  This includes switching over all of your goals, your work;  now do it for the Lord and His Kingdom.  Become eternally wealthy!  Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven as commanded for that’s where your heart will be.  Don’t store up treasures for your very short life in this world which is under a curse and you can not take with you.  Turn your earthly wealth into gold tried in the fire that will last building yourself massive eternal wealth.  Get to know the New Testament super well to know what will build your eternal wealth.
  8. Become like a child in your belief and heart.  Completely believe on Jesus.  Remove all negativity, doubt, bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred and related;  ask Jesus for help with this!
  9. “Die to self”, take up your cross and follow Jesus = Die to your old nature and be the new man that just was brought to life in you.  Let go of the control of your life totally and give it to Jesus, trusting He will “catch you” and make you totally eternally successful.  Put the Kingdom of God and God’s righteousness first, not sort of first, but first.  Obey Jesus’ commands of the New Testament.  Make Jesus your Lord not you your lord or some religion or anyone or anything else.  You have become the bride of Christ and just like you would like from your bride or groom to be, God the Son Jesus wants you to love Him more than anything or anyone else!
  10. Do acts of kindness.  Feed and clothe the poor.  Give to those in need.  Do kind things for people.  If you are obeying Jesus commands then the Love of Christ well bellow forth out of you doing many kind things at “random” inspiration of the moment.  Make sure you are doing continual acts of kindness for others. For this opens the door for people to see Jesus in you and you will bear much fruit which turns into much eternal wealth!
  11. Love, Love, LOVE!  Love conquers evil.  Love conquers Satan!  Yes you have a very real enemy with millions if not billions of dark forces, principalities, rulers of the air (demons) at his disposal to try and turn you away and against God.  They are not even in Hell yet they are in the 2nd Heaven!  But you have now a guardian angel, or two plus more angles to help protect you as well.  It’s a real, continual war in this spiritual dimension that we can’t see, yet they can see us.  There are non stop battles.  You are literally in a middle of a war, a war for your soul.  So keep turning to Jesus for help and He will teach you how to WIN!
  12. Fellowship with other born again believers who love the Lord and who take the Bible seriously.  But don’t get tricked by high minded or easy way doctrine that has dominate most “Christian” churches these days.  Follow Jesus, not a denomination, pastor or other preacher – you can listen to them but don’t make them your lord! Avoid water down easy message churches.  Attend churches that are bearing fruit, winning souls to Christ and are disciplining their congregation putting the Word of God first)
  13. Relax into the Lord, enjoy the Lord, delight in the Lord and listen to Him talk to you on your insides.  Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
  14. Understand the Word, the Bible:  through understanding of the Bible you will bear much fruit for the Kingdom and avoid getting tripped up, tricked.   Also understand that it is required that you bear fruit for the kingdom!  So don’t fall trap to lazy Christianity which seems to be so prevalent.
  15. Put the kingdom first. Put God first. Make and keep Jesus as your Lord, your Ruler, your King, your Boss, your Creator, your Shepard.  Talk with Jesus. Listen to Jesus. Submit yourself to him. Watch your SELF because your SELF keeps trying to get back on the throne of your life – but that from belongs to Jesus, he paid for you you are His.  Live your life for Christ.  Sometimes this is easy sometimes this is not.  But keep struggling, keep reaching out to the Lord, keep asking Him, keep turning to Him, keep pursuing Him and keep obeying Him.  Why?  Because this shows that you love Him and makes Him feels loved.  And when you are good with God you don’t have to worry about a thing!  You will be tremendously blessed!  (And remember that God is One – the Father, the Son, Holy Spirit – when you do for One you do for the Other so don’t get confused over the Trinity).
  16. Work hard for the Lord.   Work hard for the Kingdom. Get involved with ministry.  Practice presenting a plan of salvation.  Show everyone you get to know how to get into Heaven and avoid Hell, which is a duty not an option to which I hear we will be held accountable.   So get moving.  Life is short.  This is a race.  Never settle down.  Don’t waste time.  Stop building yourself up in this world, big mistake.  Give up your life for Christ to gain your life eternally.   Keep pursuing the Kingdom of God (growing it) and God’s righteousness (becoming holy by obeying the commands of Jesus) and you’ll do great!
  17. Keep clean!   Keep your feet washed, spiritually speaking.  No one told me this nor explained it to me but I’m telling you:  Learn the commands of Jesus and turn them into your beliefs, your habits.  Identify all sins (sins are against the commands of God) and know them. Here is a list of 666. Repent, uninstall those sins, sin beliefs, repent out of them in the Name of Jesus. (For there is a book in Heaven that records all of your sins, after being born again, yes! You can have these sins blotted out by repenting them out in the name of Jesus.  Repenting means, identifying the sin, admitting it’s wrong, believing it’s now wrong, disavowing that sin, uninstalling the belief that the particular sin was ok or even good to do. Then turn to God believing Him, believing what He says, believing His Command.)   We do not want to be found with sins in the sin book at the time of our death or the rapture!
  18. Follow Jesus directly through the Word and directly by His Person.  Do not let denominational man made doctrine or Bible interpretation influence you!  Do not go the easy way. I did for many years where I would only read the Bible according to my denomination’s doctrine filtering and guess what happened?  I skipped over lots of verses not getting to know them and understand them.  I treated Jesus words as “nice sayings of wisdom” (and not as literal commands I must do and make habit of doing) because that was how my various churches and radio programs treated Jesus words.The result:  very little fruit, caught up pursuing the world, had lots of sins from my old habits and worldly programing I was doing, ignorance of the sins of the Bible, didn’t have much direction except swayings of “religions feelings”, did not repent of my sins nor did I even knew what the word repent meant,  had no clue what a lord was (although I confessed Jesus is Lord in a sinners prayer and had a genuine born again experience), and I was sinning all over the place not even knowing what was sin drowning over conviction of the Lord by emotional override + sin belief (mostly because “everyone else was doing it so how can it be wrong). Conclusion: the easy Gospel denominations of the day can lead you in to disaster because they don’t preach Jesus as Lord nor understand what that means. They don’t teach that it is absolutely imperative that we believe, obey and make habit of all Jesus commands thereby building your house upon a rock vs. the sand. They don’t understand what repentance is.  They don’t seem to understand what it means to put God’s Kingdom first AND His righteousness (obey Jesus commands).  They don’t understand that obeying Jesus’ commands creates the 30,60, 100 fold return for the Kingdom in fruit that counts and does not get burned up in fire of testing.  They don’t understand that believing on Jesus means believing Jesus and that when Jesus says to do something, we better do it.
    • We having living in the “great falling away” period where most churches are preaching partial Gospels, easy gospels and only the “positive verses”.   (although recently we entered the Kingdom Age). You need ALL the verses of the New Testament to get yourself to become what God wants you to become.  You need to understand ALL the verses in the New Testament.  You also need to believe everything Jesus says and what the apostles expounded upon of what Jesus says.
    • Modern denominations talk about faith and believing a lot.   But that concept of faith and belief tends be more of an emotionalized feeling.  They’ve followed political correctness and the concept of ‘sin doesn’t matter as long as you ‘believe” – which is the leaven of Herod. You can hear it in their worship music – flesh based, heart based emotionalized “worship”.  Whereas God says He wants worshipers in Spirit and Truth.  How then would worshiping in the flesh be pleasing to God?  Belief as Jesus defines, is hearing His words and doing His words.  If you don’t believe what Jesus says then you don’t believe Jesus.  If you don’t believe Jesus then how can you say you believe in Jesus?  You can’t.  If you don’t do what Jesus says to do, what He commands (which is any verse said in a command or implied command style) then you don’t believe what He says.  This applies to the New Testament that is already written and what He tells you in real time through the spirit directed life.
    • Modern denominations want their congregations to “have their cake and eat it too”, to have the “best of both worlds” maximizing one’s life in this world without denying self.  But Jesus says that we must lose our life (in this world) for His sake to find life and life abundant in Him now and for eternity.  Jesus says we are to die to self every day to let Him rule, direct our lives through the Holy Spirit.  In fact the Bible says that those who’s life is not directed by the Spirit of God will NOT make it into Heaven. Jesus says we will have persecutions if we follow Him.  I’ll warn you now:  “the best of both worlds” doesn’t not work and will get you into a lot of trouble – I speak from years of experience trying to do this unfortunately.   You are free from this world.   You are free to follow Jesus and that is a MUCH better, much more enjoyable life!  Wait on Jesus to give you your instructions. Don’t get sucked into this world and the pursuit of the flesh – it will cost you, perhaps eternally.  Don’t mess with God.  You want to do and be excellent in Christ – so pursue Jesus HARD – understand His Words – do what Jesus says – Put Jesus FIRST – put the Kingdom of God 1st and His righteousness – bear MUCH fruit for the Kingdom.  You will have an AWESOME and a genuinely super exciting life this Way.

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