How to Cure a Disease in 7 Easy Steps

How to Cure Disease

How to Cure a Disease in 7 Easy Steps

There Are All Sorts of Different Dis-Eases Out There Such as:  Physical Body, Soul (Mental, Emotional), Social, Society, Business, Government and So On…  We Need a Method of Cure.  Okay:  So Here it Is: 

  1. Identify the Weakened, Sickened, Dis-Eased Area, Issue, Thing, Zone, Social Problem or System
  2. Identify What’s Causing The Problem.  Finding root cause problems may require a good amount of research and testing but is hugely worth the effort.  Once you find the problem, problems, causes the dis-ease, then a cure is much easier to quickly obtain.  But if you can’t find the causes of dis-ease then you’re going to have a hard time fixing the problem.  And no, chopping off, or burning out, or obliterating anything assumed related to the problem may stop one issue but usually creates multiple other new problems, new dis-eases. 
  3. Stop the Bad Things Causing The Problem.  Hippocrates knew this and taught this to his students. 
  4. Remove the Bad Thing(s) Causing the Problem (Remove from One’s Environment).  And turn the removal, the avoidance of the bad thing into a habit.  This may require making significant effort and change but it’s certainly worth it. 
  5. Identify the Good Thing that Boosts the Health and Strength of the Area, the Issue, the Zone, the Thing, The System.
  6. Turn the Good Thing that Boosts the Health, Strength of the Area, the Issue, the Zone, the Thing, The System into a Habit, a Strong, Temporary Habit to Obtain the Curative Goal.
  7. Once Health is Restored:  a. maintain the habit of avoiding the things that caused the problem.   b. reduce the Good Thing curative habit down into a maintenance habit, giving mild boosts from time to time, or a small amount daily. 

What is this processed also called?   

It’s Called REPENTING!  This same process can be used for actual, factual repentance.  Repentance, since no one can seem to identify it, although John the Baptist and James gave us some better clues, is REPROGRAMMING YOUR  HABITS!  

At first, the Dis-EASED State of sin, sinning and the damaged it has caused must be healed. But factual repentance only happens when there is a complete habit change: stopping of the bad AND the starting of the good, turning both into habits. 

And guess what needs to ultimately happen in order to change your habit?  Your BELIEF must change in what is good an bad.  This is good to know.  It would be a good thing to start to study habit formation.   Without knowing how habit formation works, it will be very difficult to achieve factual repentance. 

And no, saying sorry is not repentance.  It’s just apologizing.  If you say your sorry and really “mean it”, meaning you actually realize thing bad thing you did was bad or that not doing the good thing you should have done is bad, then you make progress, but usually, only a little.  You have to completely, in your mind and heart’s mind, believe a bad thing is bad without any exception whatsoever. 

Repentance requires you not only stopping the bad but turning the good thing into a habit, where you fully believe that good thing is the only way to think or do something. 

And if you haven’t picked up on this theme:  we are here in 3D Earth to learn the difference between good and evil.  You have to experience both to get clarity on what is good and what is evil.  Who defines what is good vs bad?  God.  And good vs bad is actually logical as you learn more and more about how the universe works and how things work in general. 

Your actual, real, bottom line, non-lying to yourself beliefs are WHAT YOU WILL DO HABITUALLY.  If you belief that something is good, you’ll do it.  If you believe that something is okay, not bad or something that you can get away with, that is questionable morally or a sin as listed in the Bible (see the list of 666 Sins of the Bible – download free), you’ll do that to when the situation arises or the emotional pressure of things is amplified.

The problem with modern thinking (and maybe historical thinking) is that a lot of people think they can keep on doing the bad thing and not worry about it. They think that a good thing can make up for a bad thing.  When the average person is sick, they do very little to change the bad, problem causing things while “treating” themselves with slightly good things, usually a small twinkling of weak good things, doing so sporadically, so they suffer on with their sickness, often making it worse.

And this approach is common in regards too many types of sickness, from colds and flus, to bigger “disease” named conditions, to business problems, to social problems, to behavioral problems, to society problems, government problems and so on…

In society, if we, or as commanded to the Elohim, Sons of God spirits hidden in Adamic bodies, in Psalms 82 (see the Interlinear “Hebrew” version –  have any toleration for the wicked, then the world starts falling apart.  One can not have toleration for the wicked thing or things fall apart in health, society, government etc.  Your job is to learn to identify what is evil and destroy it, remove it, remove yourself and your society from it. 

Although a few books can be written on this topic, for brevity and in summary:  Identify what is bad.  Stop it.  Identify what is good.  Replace the bad with the good.  Stop obeying the 666 sins of the Bible.  Instead, obey, turn into your habits, put Jesus’ sayings into practice while building your house upon a Rock, the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament – Here are the lists for FREE below: 

  1. Commands of Jesus – Matthew
  2. Commands of Jesus – Mark
  3. Commands of Jesus – Luke
  4. Commands of Jesus – John
  5. Commands of Jesus – Acts
  6. Commands of Jesus – Romans
  7. Commands of Jesus – 1 Corinthians
  8. Commands of Jesus – 2 Corinthians
  9. Commands of Jesus – Galatians
  10. Commands of Jesus – Ephesians
  11. Commands of Jesus – Philippians
  12. Commands of Jesus – Colossians
  13. Commands of Jesus – 1 Thessalonians
  14. Commands of Jesus – 2 Thessalonians
  15. Commands of Jesus – 1 Timothy
  16. Commands of Jesus – 2 Timothy
  17. Commands of Jesus – Titus
  18. Commands of Jesus – Philemon
  19. Commands of Jesus – Hebrews
  20. Commands of Jesus – James
  21. Commands of Jesus – 1 Peter
  22. Commands of Jesus – 2 Peter
  23. Commands of Jesus – 1 John
  24. Commands of Jesus – 2 John
  25. Commands of Jesus – 3 John
  26. Commands of Jesus – Jude
  27. Commands of Jesus – Revelation

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