How to Better Avoid Getting Murdered by an MD in a Hospital – Doc Ardis Exposes All with Proof

Send this Post and Video to Your Loved Ones Before they Are Murdered at a Hospital.  It’s Really Really Bad.  This is to Be Taken with Extreme Urgency.


  • They are murdering people in Hospitals (not like that is anything new for the Satanic Snake Medicine field Called Allopathic Medicine with Their Soldiers Called MDs or Medical Doctors and their MD Nurse Assistants all Directed by their Chief Medical Officer and Founder Dr. lord Ba’al (since the MD’s symbol is in the stomach of the Baphomet stature of Dr. Ba’al).    Allopathic medicine is pharmakeia medicine which is sorcery trickery snake medicine.  They treat you with poisons from their drugs, to their “vaccines” (where now many are admitting that all vaccines were fake and designed to be the Trojan horse for getting poisons directly into the body for depopulating the earth and fulling Revelation18).   Has an MD Doctor ever cured ANYTHING?  No.  Never.  They patch up symptoms while creating multiple new problems in you to treat you later.  Every MD knows this.  They are ALL guilty and so are their nurses. Everyone of them should go into review and trial for crimes against humanity, cancer MDs, – abortionists and pediatricians first, the worst.  They get you early with their poison injections to set you up for a life time of treatable msery. They cut out your organs and limbs – ‘ahhh you didn’t need those body parts anyways’ so with those missing organs, or other body parts, you start developing multiple layers of new problems.  They all hate God and think God did a bad job; they hate the ways of God and don’t even look into ways of healing that actually work, but slander them instead.  They mock and slander the use of food and herbs as medicine, although they slitheringly quote Hippocrates and claim him as their founder while going against everything he stood for and did  They all put money, financial stability, honor and earthly glory ahead of doing what is right, those who continue on as an MD or MD nurse, don’t quit and don’t seek to find a profession that heals people instead.
  • The Entire MD and pharmaceutical industry must be shut down and cleansed from the Earth, well, if you want humanity to survive and you want to avoid the antichrist for a long time.   If you leave the pharmas and the MD’s to continue on in their Satanic nonsense, then you are agreeing with Satan, that the world should be destroyed and billions of souls should be condemned to the Lake of Fire without getting a chance to genuinely hear and see the Good News of the New Testament.
  • Allopathic MD ‘medicine’ and pharmaceuticals is sorcery, it’s witchcraft.  Do you think God is going to be happy with us if we just let them go on practicing sorcery and witchcraft will killing, making sick, maiming, ruining lives, flat our murdering people, killing babies, destroying destinies and condemning untold numbers to hell before they have a chance to be saved?  Aren’t we supposed to be occupying and managing the Earth till Yeshua, Jesus, returns physically to Earth? Don’t you know that this life sets our eternal future, our eternal rewards or lack their of, our eternal power positions in the Kingdom of God, and you’re going to let these Satanists, Satan MD ruin all these peoples lives?   What say you man of God?  What say you government and military?  Or have you been seduced by their sorcery and witchcraft too (and I’m talking to patriots)?  Step up.  Fix this.

Check out this video

Dr. Ardis: The Medical Industry Is Responsible For ‘Covid’ Deaths, Not Virus

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