How to Ascend – Kat Kerr & Cosmic Historian Ismael Perez Saying A Lot of the Same Things

How to Ascend – Kat Kerr & Cosmic Historian Ismael Perez Saying A Lot of the Same Things – What Are The Differences?  Trying to Figure Out How to Ascend on Your Own is Very Difficult with a Lot of Unanswered Questions:  But There is a Better WAY…

  • Ismael Perez – a popular cosmic historian reveals past history over billions of years, over many ages, eons and so on with many to most things coordinating with the Bible, that is, if you know, or have a comprehensive knowing of the Bible, being taught by God by reading the Bible over and over, in volume.  
  • Kat Kerr, who is globally well known, who meets with God the Father (“Source”) and who has been telling people about Heaven and things to come on Earth for decades.  Kat tells what she is supposed to tell.  Sometimes many have assumed that she knows every single thing that’s going on, that ever happened or that will happen, but she doesn’t know all things and had to experience many things like everyone else going through various experiences over the years.
  • Ismael’s description of 5D (also up to 12D) sounds very much like what Kat says about Heaven
  • Kat explains that if you want ascend into Heaven, Jesus is The Way and Only Way.  
  • Ismael and other spiritual teachers are focused on fixing the inner state of being to be dwelling in the positive emotions only.  And out of those positive emotions comes positive behavior while drawing positive thoughts to  you.  The Bible makes this clear distinction when contrasting the fruits of the flesh vs. the fruits of the Spirit. 
  • Ismael and many other spiritual gurus have the angle of higher level spiritual beings called “star seeds” who have incarnated here into physical bodies to help the world ascend and avoid going in to the destructive result as described in the Book of Revelation.  And if that is the case, they may not be thinking that they are humans that need to be redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, the Logos incarnated, YAHWAHSUA, “Yeshua”, “Jesus”.  The Bible states that Jesus came for the lost sheep of Israel but then was granted the rest of the nations of humans, mankind.  Yet still, that’s a risky thought to think that one can ascend without Jesus since everything was made by Him and for Him that there is as the Bible says, since they did incarnate here (if in fact true and not some vain imagination) since they are here incarnated into a human body. 
  • Jesus is THE PLAN to ESCAPE FROM THE MATRIX and ascend avoiding another, what, 26,000 to 65,000 year reincarnation cycle into ugly 3D earth realm filled with demons all over the place, with all sorts of negative challenges, which is great for spiritual growth but an overall ugly experience.  Religious and denominational Christianity preaches Hell and the Lake of Fire where you are brutally tortured and slaughtered over and over forever and ever.   Kat Kerr though talks right down the line repeating all the doctrines of religious and denominational Christianity.
  • A lot of these spiritual teachers and new agers say that you need to save yourself and not rely on an external savior.  They say Jesus was an “Ascended Master” with all sorts of nice and wise teachings like many other spiritual teachers like Buddha and others.  They say that you are a fractal of God, “Source” and ascend or descend based on your karma and  your current state of vibration, positive vs. negative. 
  • Conclusion:  It would be logically and strategically very unwise to reject the free gift of salvation, the free gift of ascension to escape The Matrix 3D or any concept of Hell or karmic recycling by being redeemed by Jesus.   Why would you want to reject Jesus?  It makes no sense.  So if one is not sure or confused about this, why don’t you talk to “Source”, the One you KNOW is God and ask Source yourself!   That’s what I did and from that day forward mini miracle after miracle starting popping into my life out of nowhere, about Jesus, people telling be about Jesus, from students in school to a homeless guy on the streets, to by “backsliding” 🙂 roommate just so happening to return to going to church (a good Bible preaching genuine one) 3 weeks prior until that one day my whole life changed…  I’ll tell you that wild story later…:-).
  • So this is not some magic trick.  This is not some denominational religious con job.  This is about getting COMPLETELY honest with your MAKER.  If you go for utter honesty with yourself and directly to God, “Source”, like me, I bet you’ll end up finding… JESUS.
  • It’s up to you.  After all, its your eternity (or next 26,000 to 65,000 years). 
  • Talk to God. 
  • You can use this prayer as a guide or turn in into your version. Just be straight up with God and I bet He’ll be straight up with you:



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