Hopium – One “Drug” that’s Good to Take

You Were Warned For Four Years To Not Be A Pusher Of Doom And Gloom.


You were warned not to speak doubt fear and negativity and worse, do so for the sake of your addiction of selling survival products, gold, silver, survival foods.  Now there’s nothing wrong with selling those products in general but to manipulate people into fear, depression, doubt, the end of the world scare tactics, while glorifying the kingdom of darkness and amplifying their power, making them seem more powerful than God even after God already spoken Good News and bullying people with kingdom of darkness messages although you think you’re doing something right … has been already stated to be unacceptable and now the blood of so many people who have committed suicide is on your hands  As already stated by Mark Taylor prophecies.

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Also you pastors, preachers, Bible teachers, commentators, talk shows, news shows, book writers and so on, you’ve had for years to work out repentance from the  erroneous end times message  conned on you by the kingdom of darkness.   If you’re still pushing that the consider the trouble possibilities ahead for you.

If you’re still preaching that end times are around the corner and the Antichrist is here and all of  those related topics you are also in the group that is considered guilty of having blood on your hands for all the suicides out there, people who have killed themselves.    And now you are counted as those who are amongst the fake news in ancient Israel days that told of a negative report and that caused the people to turn against God, to turn against Moses. 

Repent.  I don’t know if it’s too late. We have had many other prophets talk about this as well you can see from the Elijah List.com  

At this point if you don’t know what to say, what’s the best thing to do?  Don’t say anything.  Even a fool can pass as wise by keeping his or her mouth shut.  (See Proverbs) if you don’t know, stop making in  emphatic statements as if “this is the way it is”. That’s a form of lying.  You don’t know.   I know preachers have been in a habit of making all sorts of emphatic statements about what different passages in the Bible are saying and what they mean but they don’t know.  They mislead their church members for a long time.  They want to sound like they are all knowing and know everything, like they are the experts in everything related to God, they seek the respect and honor from men, worrying about their job so they just make stuff up that “sounds good” – you know, like MD doctors.  Outside of emergency medicine and a couple procedures here and their, they have no idea how to heal someone.  But instead they give them poison, they give advice even when they know they have no idea what they are talking about, they sell them into procedures that cause a whole new world of future problems and the results – they kill, maim or make sick 10 to 15 million people a year as reported by their own journals.

Also remember what happened  with Israel and the assignment to 40  years in the desert until death.   They bought into the Doom and Gloom fake news brought to them by the negative, doom and gloom preaching scouts.  

But Joshua and Caleb  we’re partakers of  what some are calling “Hopium”  which means that in a positive way they believed in God, they thought well of God, they were good-hearted, they had courage, they knew that their Father could do anything and they trusted that their Father is good and would take care of them as He promised.   On top of that they had so much proof right before their eyes in terms of miracles and especially The Parting of the Red Sea which then collapsed on the Egyptians behind in a perfect way.  

So we have the miracle of Donald Trump,  in addition to several other leaders now across the planet.   You see the laws that are getting past. You see the judges that are getting replaced.  You see the old garbage laws getting thrown out.  you see the Federal Reserve getting swallowed up by the Treasury.  You hear about all the children being rescued. You hear of loans, mortgages, student loans, credit cards getting forgiven right and left (NESARA GESARA) Plus many many more…

Repent. Hopefully it’s not too late.

See a video for perspective I recently listened to below.   Keep in mind that we are not endorsing any philosophies are opinions especially on spiritual matters of the conversation on this video.


See this post: Doom to the Doom! Doom Pushers Considered Traitors to the Kingdom of Heaven

See this Post: Doom and Gloom Teachers Preachers Book Pushers Have Blood on Your Hands and Now Prophecy Your Own Doom


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