Here’s Why America Became Great – And Never Forget it Again!

flag of United States of America hanged on brown house during daytime

Check out the quotes of our founding fathers and first several presidents towards the end of the video.

There is no god but God.  There is no king but the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Time to Wake Up Israel and Find Out Who You Are!  Your Enemy Knows Who You Are Which is Why They Are Bashing You, Conclusively in the Media.   So Israel, Sons of Jacob, (and not necessarily the country of Israel said to be occupied mostly by sons of Esau, and Canaanites) Your Enemy Knows Who You Are and  Your Enemy Knows Who They Are – Which is Why They Have Been Winning Most Every War Up Till Now….  And Israel, You Don’ t Know Who You Are and You Don’t Know Who Your Enemy Is – So You Lose Most Every Battle.  You Even Think that Your Enemy is YOU; You think Your Enemy is Hebrew When They Are NOT from Their Own Admission…

Time to Wake up in POWER in the Name and Under the Authority of YESHUA, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.  Let’s Get to Work and Start Winning Again!  See video:

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