Heaven & Hell Visitation Testimonies

Heaven & Hell Visitation Testimonies

There have been a lot of people visiting Heaven and Hell while still living or through after death and back experiences. And there will be more and more and more going forward as we progressed into this Kingdom Age which will last a couple few centuries or more before a 7-year on the road tribulation.

For 6000 this man was given reign over the Earth. Now that was over in 2012 according to understanding. Now it’s God’s turn to rule and he’s going to do so through his children, born again from above believers in Jesus, God the Son.

A special note: God had started taking people on Heaven and Hell visits and then Satan started his own version (and yes he has that capability if you agree to go with one of his workers of the Kingdom of Darkness, or if you accidentally go with one because you didn’t test the spirits:

This verse will apply more than ever going forward:

1 John 4 [Full Chapter]
[ Testing the Spirits ] Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world. …

So basically whatever spirit that starts talking to you into your mind or even visibly you are to ask them if they know that Yeshua, God the Son, came to Earth in the flesh. This means that if the spirit that is talking to you says something like: “yes I come from the Most High God Who sent His Son to become a man in the flesh and die for the sins of the world…” then they are of God. So according to scripture the ones not of God, from the Kingdom of Darkness, aren’t allowed to confess that Jesus, Yeshua, came in the flesh, or became man to die for the sins of the world.

I have personally seen many Hell and Heaven visitation videos. I believe I have seen several Hell and Heaven visitation videos where the person was given tour by one of the workers, if not Satan himself, of the Kingdom of Darkness. These videos contradict other Heaven / Hell visitation videos. These videos are also potentially dangerous in that day can open up portals into you. They can also cause confusion and get you to doubt and turn against God on your insides. (And that’s Kingdom of Darkness game plan as with the serpent in the garden with Eve maligning the Character of God while deceiving and presenting their sales pitch ‘ye shall be as gods…’.)

On the contrary there are definitely beneficial Heaven visitation testimonies. Kat Kerr has the most significant Heaven Testimonies because she visits every day, everyday! And she knows the Bible well. There are people out there who do not know the Bible well because they’ve been blinded by their denominational doctrines who have maligned Kat, who is also considered a prophet. Those people are in big trouble. (when in doubt it’s better to say nothing then blurt out something against one of God’s anointed because of some idea that pops into your head that someone is a ‘false prophet’ or ‘false teacher’. And this is a very serious thing.) but as for people who actually read the Bible and read the Bible over and over and over again allowing them to know the Bible, they can recognize what she saying is from God.

Here are a couple links to a bunch a videos of Kat. That said, i’ve seen several channels out there using strange click-bait headlines, i’m assuming for the sake of getting more youTube views for monetization purposes. They were playing Kat’s recording but the headline and some of the images they used for trying to convey and other message or convey confusion.

Here is a play list:

Go through this series and take notes.
This fellow is uploading more Kat Kerr videos.

For now: God has many many things for you that you NEED to know and start doing. He’s speaking many things through Kat Kerr. It’s very important you learn what’s going on, learn what Heaven is like, how to work with the Host – the Army of Heaven – giant transforming warrior angels that toast the Kingdom of Darkness workers, learn how to release the anointing and much more, learn what it actually takes to get into Heaven (vs. what these man made denominational doctrines and religions are saying) plus more… So start with her.

And yes: Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Christopher Reeves, Robin Williams – all made it to Heaven because they gave their hearts to Jesus, God the Son before they died. (Some of these names have been brought up by the Kingdom of Darkness in their fake Heaven & Hell visitation videos.)

Sid Roth frequently has Heaven & Hell visitation guests on his program. But he may have had several who went on mock Heaven & Hell visits by the Kingdom of Darkness. You can find Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/SidRoth

Make sure you test those spirits! And study Kat’s videos. Remember, you can listen without taking things in; for you have only One Teacher, One Master and One Lord Who is God the Son, Jesus the Lord, your Maker. Turn to Him and ask Him your questions.

Here is a Jesse Duplantis Heaven Visitation Testimony.  It coordinates with Kat Kerr visitations.

  • – Those who believed and loved God only vs. those who filled out their destiny or brought a return for God had different robes.  They didn’t live to the fullest of what they should have.
  • The Lord Jesus had an appointment with Jesse.  He had holes in His feet and looked like He was covered in “a billion diamonds”.   He told Jesse “Go tell my people I am coming.”   Jesse replied “they know you’re coming Lord”. The Jesus got stern in reply and said, “No they don’t!  You go tell them I’m coming!”
  • Aborted babies and miscarriages – God brings them to Heaven.
  • But then he said Jesus was a preaching machine “Gonna get my brothers.  Gonna get my sisters. Gonna get my body.”  Jesse thought … “He’ll preach the socks off Schambach”
  • He asked “where’s the Holy Spirit” because Jesse did not see Him in Heaven.  Angel responded, “He’s on Earth”