Heads Up – Presidency Won’t Be Solved Until April 1st – Juan O’ Savin (aka JFK Junior??)

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Heads Up – Presidency Won’t Be Solved Until April 1st – According to Q Insider Juan O’ Savin Who is Someone Said to Be One of 7 Certain People on the Q Team with JFK Junior and the Make America Great Foundation

Or… Some Say that Juan O’ Savin is Actually JFK Junior


Here is a JFK Junior interview.   I listened to a little bit of it.  Juan showed his hands in one video (which I found surprising exposing an identification factor plus finger and hand prints.).   The voice is roughed up on Juan, could be using a voice modulator.  JFK Junior could have worked on his accent identifiers some.  But the laid back groove that comes with one’s personality as their relax into their personality does seem actually kind of similar.   But that’s only in a couple minutes of analysis. You can do your own research. 

John F. Kennedy Jr. – wikipedia

John F. Kennedy – wikipedia

— for some sort of reference.   Aww he went to Andover (boo), thought he would have gone to Choate (yay!) like his dad.


Here is the Robert David Steele Interview of Juan O’ Savin

  • The time line of April 1st of Donald Trump being named President will be dragged out to April 1st, not even January 20th.   This is being mentioned in order to manage stress and emotions and for making strategic plans for dealing with the days ahead.
  • Biden will never be president. Yes Trump will be president.  There is no other option other way because if not then death would be the result for 90% plus of the planet.  (People keep wanting to talk like this is politics as usually and are not respecting prophecy as in, unless God stepped, we would be in the 7 year tribulation. And the bad guys indeed have been trying to raise the antichrist (Obama) and use the mark of the beast which they are still doing with the Vaccine although the (fake trojan horse) COVID-19 test itself is the vaccines that implants nano tech up your nose into your brain)
  • Looks like there’s a personality conflict with Robert is acting a bit impatient.  So please overlook. Not very respectful Robert.

https://robertdavidsteele.com/juan-o-savin-trump-will-not-concede-biden-will-not-be-inaugurated-bigtech-will-go-to-jail/ Can’t find video embed

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