Has COVID-19 Revelation Mark of the Beast Plan Been Converted to a White Hat Operation?

storm near leafed plants

This is an interesting concept in particular because it has been brought about by a quickly popular Youtube start named Charlie Ward  who’s channels have been taken down multiple times which means that or maybe means that he was a threat to bad guys plan. Or he was exposing too much info according to white hats.

This post is just a thought for the sake of watching the drama and action with a more broad perspective in addition to providing some hope, not hopium, but hope. Because the fake “rise”  in cases with the second lockdown  with the fake COVID-19 virus, which is arguably just the average flu virus (which has had  historical stats if those stats are even accurate of killing 300,000  plus people a year are globally,  but those stats are from the same  known as corrupt CDC  and could have been jacked up to sell flu vaccines – and the flu mysteriously disappeared from the planet this year…) coordinates exceptionally well with the need for the military to be deployed throughout the country to protect the country from voter fraud, foreign and domestic take over of the USA. 

Anyways so we have the storyline of large scale military action and the pending martial law before us which is likely what’s doing on and can be seen as reported by the Health Ranger situation updates at Brighteon especially in his interview with Monkey Werks guy who is watching the military flights increase dramatically to GITMO.  Mike does an excellent comprehensive strategic analysis of what is going on.   Plus make sure you keep in tune with ElijahList.com  and ElijahStreams youtube channel.  

Expect maximum drama.  Yet remember that we are commanded to worry not by the Lord in the New Testament. We are also commanded to live in the present.  So this is a good time to better master those commands.

And  so therefore a concept that Charlie talked about quite a bit for some time was that  the lockdowns have always been a white hat good guy plan (using the bad guys to expose their plan in a more obvious way) for the sake of  keeping people out of the way of military action  to try and reduce harm from our own military and also reduce harm from what they call false flags (i.e. like they did in Las Vegas shooting a bunch of people at a country music concert).   

And the choice was made for minimal collateral damage  and the case is also made for this delay in vaccines  by the bad guys while the good guys came up with their own “vaccine”  which hopefully will not be an actual “vaccines”  as the argument has been made by many that  since day one vaccines  are all a sham  to give access to the bad guys into your body  so all sorts of hideous things can be injected  into you  start making the population sick ( and you probably know the association of  all sorts of  conditions   created from those vaccines).  Can it be proven, besides propaganda sales pitching, that vaccines ever cured or prevented anything?  It can be proven that they’ve caused untold numbers of deaths, cripplings, polio infections even and so on. Those vaccines even killed my sweet little dog (had the “new special ” vaccines to protect against a bunch of scary bad sounding things somewhere into the future, then within one week she fell apart and died.  That was very not good!)  At least we hear from Kat Kerr that our pets will be in Heaven with us. Poor girl.

Back to the current drama:  We will see soon if this story line is in play.  Hope so!  This would also be in line with “enjoy the movie” and “get your popcorn, enjoy the show” as having been mentioned by a famous anonymous form poster.  This story line seems to be coordinating with what’s going on. And so therefore this would be good news.   

Also it has been reported and analyzed that when DJT talks about a virus and a vaccine he is talking about the bad guys being the virus and the good guys, the military, being the vaccine  where the military is the cure for the virus.   So that’s why he said military will be distributing the vaccine for the cure  all throughout the nation.   

This is posted as a story line for something to think about as a possibility and a probability of what is going on inline with the prophets.   See this post about The Whirlwind and the Storm

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