Happy Birthday President Trump!

I’m very proud of you brother Trump.  As you probably know, you’re just getting started, in a sense.   There are a lot of souls that need saving.  Fulfill your destiny brother, I know you will.  God loves you a lot and is very proud of you as many prophets say.   I love you too and I love your heart.  I also love that you seek utter vengeance on the wicked. Haman must go. You also remind me of Jehu too.

When I read Isaiah 45, I think about you.

Walk in that moment by moment trust relationships with God.  Let Him be your Teacher. Stay in sync with Him and don’t rush ahead.  Surround yourself with genuine prophets, King Trump.  But final word always comes from the Lord.  Proclaim the Name of Yeshua, Jesus. The world needs to know the truth.  Every country needs to know the truth.  False things need to be systematically exposed and brought down. 

I so proud of you and will be even prouder over the next many years.

I’ll meet you some day.  If not in this dimension, then back Home…

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