“Hahaha” It’s So Funny.. for the Sake of Slithering Tradition

It would be really fun to call everyone names right now and say how so many people are not smart, foolish, wicked, goats, brainless, dopes, pigs to the slaughter, suckers, chumps and so on and so forth. But I can’t. Because that would be judging, criticizing, providing railing accusation, being abusive, an exercise in the emotion of pride, festering up the emotion of hate while flirting dishonesty and hypocrisy all at the same time. (Look how sins do chain together.) Plus if I were to judge,  I have likely done same things over time. So I can’t judge and call people names and neither can you.  Well we can, but we would be sinning and if we choose to sin then we would be following after the anti god called Sin and we would be making Lucifer/Satan our lord in the process as opposed to Jesus as Lord.

If Jesus is your Lord because you obey Him, then He gets to keep you and bring you back to Heaven.   If you make Satan your lord then he gets to keep you and bring you back to his headquarters, which is Hell.  Who will you chose as Lord?    If you want Jesus, then you better get after finding what He told you to do already from the New Testament, all of it.

One of the top sins God hates the most, it seems, is pride. Pride is a very strange substance. You could say it’s a spirit. The spirit of pride. From my experiences pride is like this strange energy gob that comes over your head and fills your head with a swirly, dopey feeling, filling your heard with some sort of illicit high (maybe kind of like a refined sugar high) of “happiness” of a strange variety.  Pride gets you to lie to yourself and say or thing things about yourself that you’re not. Pride makes you think you are high and great which then opens you up to being easily offended and triggered when someone doesn’t treat you in loftiness or agree with whatever comes out of your mouth.

When one has above Pride on their head or worse, when one lets pride seep into their heart, then one is in a position to do all sorts of really dumb things, while making all sorts of error in their decision-making, while tripping up into all sorts of other sins while leaving one’s self wide open to be tricked and con into all sorts of sales pitch, error and loss all over the place. Yes pride makes you wide open for the suckers sales pitch.  People who are filled with pride are an easy sale (especially to the Kingdom of Darkness who’s workers are highly skilled). So pride is a big pitfall and it’s so easy to get infected by it. So by God going after our pride He is doing us a massive favor.

If you study Pride and yourself overtime then observe how it behaves within you then you’ll make some astounding observations. As you get to know your enemy you will be able to develop strategies and plans in order to defeat your enemy. You will be able to ask the Lord for help for how to defeat this enemy and eventually never be infected by it again. Because when you become infected by Pride everything falls apart: Relationships, finances and everything else.

Understand the the Kingdom of Darkness is not dumb and innocent as they try to imply, especially through their holiday called “Halloween”.  The Kingdom of Darkness who wants to be able to torture your soul for eternity very badly, because that’s their thing, is VERY shrewd, strategic, patient and relentless.  They will not stop after your soul, even if you have been born again from above until your flesh body is dead.     Continued in Part 2…

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