Great Testimony of Youth Pastor Who Gets Real with God

Wow How Many of Us Get TOTALLY Child Like Honest with God About Getting Totally Right Personally Between You and Jesus

We’ve started a testimony section. Obviously that’s a good thing in general. But it seems to be a good idea to post testimonies of genuine conversions of heart and mind as people get right with God directly 1. becoming born again or 2. Waking up out of religions and doctrines of man or 3. Simply maturing and discovering new heights with God.

It’s going to be VERY interesting to see the changes in people as God starts to judge the church (soon – the NWO judgment sign was recently given with the passing of the 1st ex pres. And when the 2nd ex pres passes the judgement of the Church starts) so we want to see the changes and try to document them through testimonies as we find them.

We all want to take the whole concept of the church being judge to elevate our emotional charge, our energy levels, our seriousness, to start taking action and getting right with Jesus. What does Jesus say in the New Testament, the WHOLE New Testament (not just parts swirled up into a convenient man made sales pitch doctrine) that we need to do and be doing? Let’s go fix those things. Time to “rip off the bandaid” and deal. Man up. Woman up. Clean up. And start walking with God in a way that makes Him feel loved and appreciate.

This Brother Named Andy Has Had a Spiritual Makeover which Happens to Be Right in Line with the Times and Prophecy Such as Mark Taylor’s, Howard Pittman and Kat Kerr Plus Many Others

Here is another testimony how Andy had a dream, vision (was likely actually called up to Heaven in spirit – so cool) and met Jesus on the Throne Directly. How about we all get really real with Jesus, between Him and ourselves and get everything, every question, every problem, every confusion, every heart issue out and up front. Time to start really talking to Jesus, God the Son. Ask Jesus how to Actually make Him your Lord while your at it.

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