Great Solar Flash in Bible – The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings

Malachi 4

Great Solar Flash in Bible – The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings (See Malachi 4 below)

  1. Great Solar Flash: 1. Will heal the Vax’d and really all humanity infected by the Evil AI “god” Anti-Christ, Destroyer of Universes nano, self replicating self assembling tiny robots which use humans as the host to spawn into Paradaemon like creatures, un dead creatures that have super powers, can leap 30 feet, can rapid heal like Wolverine but are completely controlled by Evil AI (think it was called the Animus or Amus or the Big Anus or something like that).    2. The Great Solar Flash will transform humanity, those worthy, and give them “god like super powers”.   But… if you’re wicked, no, you’ll be destroyed.  If you are not repentant to God, if you don’t FEAR God, you will not receive the healing from the rising of the Sun of Righteousness with healing in Its wings (see vs 4:2)
  2. The solar flash will burn the wicked to stubble.  Many cosmic historians have noted this.  So repent and obey God’s commands from the Bible, the New Testament.  Be good.  Do only good.  Speak only good.  Think only good.   (that simple way of thinking takes care of most things).  Remain in the emotions of the Fruit of the Spirit which are all positive emotions.  The new agers call that “raising your vibration” in their understanding of things, although “raising your vibration” is a vague term, phrase, and a vague concept that, not many, if anym of those new agers, spiritual gurus,  seem to know how to explain. 
  3. There is a requirement: you must fear and revere the Name of God:  YAHWAH, “YahWhey” “Yahwey” YHWH 
  4. If you fear the Name of God  then the Sun (Son) of Righteousness shall rise with healing in HIS wings.  So there is a combination of Sun and Son here.  Now is the time Jesus’s Kingdom starts to rise on Earth.  Many say this is done through His lineage saying Jesus had kids or a kid with Mary Magdalene who was his 2nd wife after His 1st wife died.  The Kennedy’s Elvis, Donald Trump, Queen Diana are in that bloodline lineage.   But wait a minute.  What is the NAME of God?  Do you know the name of your God?  God is a title.  Why was the name of God hidden in the Bible translations by the sons of Cain, sons of Esau?  This is a must listen to video:  Three Holy Names Find out the corrected spelling and pronunciation of the names of God the Father, Jesus and the Sons of God.  Here is a print version of that article which is helpful.  (note: this preacher is a racial, nationality identity preacher so if you’re offended by racial things well, mentally block that part out – the research here is tremendous, valuable, especially for right now, which is why it’s being linked to for further education.  The Name of God the Father:  YAHWAH Eloheem (Pronounced as well known Yahweh, sounded as “YaWhey” + Eloheem).  The Name of Jesus YAHWASUA (Pronounced “YahWheySooUh”)(and not Yeshua)(also The Word, The Logos and as pointed out recently, The Mind of the Galaxy).  And Eloheem, the children of God, who God took out of Himself and are carinated into, according to this preacher, some of those of the Adamic line that are white with rosy checks (pronounced as looks).  For clarity on the Eloheem see Genesis 1 and Psalm 82 in the interlinear “Hebrew”.  The Sons of God in Psalms 82 were judged as either being too nice, tolerating the wicked while letting the wicked flourish or lazy and spoiled, so therefore, for their punishment, they are sent into 3D earth over and over, reincarnating over and over, through the Ascending and Descending that Jacob saw, until they learn what they need to learn, step up to the plate and establish justice while no longer tolerating the wicked.  This is happening NOW as the sons of God are rising, terminating the wicked, as they are supposed to do while establishing justice and the rule of law on Earth (Q Team, Trump (who is Isaiah 45 v.2.0 (read it!  It’s shocking how it describes Donald Trump), the multi national white hat collation with higher dimensional help (“aliens”), angels and the War Angels – The Host of Heaven.)
  5. “You will break out leaping like calves released from the stall…”   Jumping for joy: NESARA/GESARA Crypto boom.  Gold/Silver takes off like a rocket. Revaluation.  “Leaping”  do the super powers start kicking in right away?  Many spiritual researchers say it’s X-MEN style super powers.  The Bible talks about the “Greater Works” that what Jesus did; Jesus says this.  
  6. You will trample the wicked.  This has started and must continue until complete.  We do not stop short like Saul.   “The wicked will be like ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I take action.”   These days, today, are days that have been attributed to days when God taking action, working through people to accomplish this wonderful symphony orchestra performance of Righteousness and Glory. 


Malachi 4

1“For behold, the day is coming,
Burning like an oven,
And all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble.
And the day which is coming shall burn them up,”
Says the Lord of hosts,
“That will leave them neither root nor branch.
2But to you who fear My name
The Sun of Righteousness shall arise
With healing in His wings;
And you shall go out
And grow fat like stall-fed calves.
3You shall trample the wicked,
For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet
On the day that I do this,
Says the Lord of hosts.

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