Graphene Oxide = The Black Good = VENOM from Spiderman and What Defeated Venom?

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See how graphene oxide dances dramatically to music.  One of those Spiderman moves, I forgot which one exactly that I saw, where Venom was the main villain, showed Venom’s weakness:  Venom’s weakness was frequencies, sound, bells, chimes, and to see how responsive graphene oxide is to frequencies of a cell phone and frequencies of now some music is quite insightful information for use in defense.   So as bad guys can control graphene oxide, good guys can too for their defense.

They are putting graphene oxide everywhere, spraying it into the air, it’s in the rain water, I looked out side and they are still spraying chemtrails into the air.   Someone mentioned “oh they are spraying hydroxycholoroquine into the air” but that sounds a little dumb, plus its a drug with lots of side effects especially if you don’t use it correctly and you don’t use it with co factors such as zinc in particular.

Check out the article here.  Just be aware that this site is essentially an info dump of all sorts.  There are what seems to be psyops and enemy tricks posted there too.  But in the volume of what they get, they are able to get good amounts of up to date pertinent and  helpful news, articles, reports.

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