God’s Strategy to Defeat Coronavirus in the Nations by Calling Down the Fire of God

God’s Revealed Strategy to Defeat Coronavirus in the Nations

The spread of the coronavirus to many nations is an understandable concern due to its highly contagious nature, several fatalities, and disruption to life and economy. However, the leading of the Lord is not to bow to fear, anxiety or to the panic being spread by the media. God is wanting to raise a Joshua generation who will not see the disease as a giant but a defeated foe.

Several years ago, there were reports of the fatal strain of the bird flu coming to the United Kingdom in a newspaper. At that time (about 12 years ago), the Lord led me to meditate on the power in His name as a strategy for averting this strain of bird flu from affecting people in the UK. I read and meditated on Philippians 2:10 which described the authority given to the name of Jesus in Heaven, on the earth and under the earth.

This was a necessary prelude to a dream I had at that time where my spirit encountered a demonic being in the form of a monstrous bird flying from the second heaven on its way to the UK with the mission to cause severe illness. Having been filled with authority in the name of Jesus, in that dream, I stretched out my hand to the demonic being and commanded the fire of God to consume it. God released His fire to consume it which resulted in victory, and up to now the bird flu with the fatal strains of H5N1, H7N9 and H5N6 has not infected any human in the UK! You can read more about that testimony in my previous word on the Elijah List titled “A Call to Move and Pray with the Rhythm of Heaven.”


Here is the rest of the prophecy from Elijah List – there is much more to the prophecy here.

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