Get The Super Gospel – Will Help Your Understanding

Been Reading The Super Gospel: A Harmony of Ancient Gospels – Complied by Robert C. Ferrell and Find it to Be Super Helpful Providing a Lot of Needed Missing Scripture that Is Helpful to Know Right Now

Actually, the More Elaborated Gospel Passages, Combined from Many Additional Writers with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Could Help You Very Much Save Your Life Now and to Come, Avoiding the Outer Darkness (Which it Seems Most “Christians” Will Find Themselves in) and Missing Out on the Marriage Feast

So Many Christians, Well, Earthlings Too, Are in SO Much Trouble Because they Simply Won’t Take God for His Word in What He Says in Regards to the Commands, the Instructions for How to Change Yourself So You Bear Fruit and Are Not a Behavioral Abomination to Be Around

Also discover awesome stories of miracles and tail whupping that Jesus did as a Kid. 

Are all of these writing true?  What’s true?  What the tare, snake controlled church says in true?  What your MD snake Doctor says is true?  In order to better find what is true you take in vast quantities of knowledge from many angles and contrast them, like the Bereans.   

For those who haven’t noticed, this realm is about learning evil so you know better to not get sucked into it later down the road.    It’s also to learn that everyone has their own interests and no one is going to look out for you 100%, otherwise you become a burden to others, that is non fruit bearing and a waste of soil.   There are endless tricks and tricksters in this current, pathetic, win/lose world.  It’s your job to learn what’s a trick and what is not.  To judge by one’s fruits and one’s vibes rather than what they say. 


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