Get Ready for Financial Blessings (NESARA) and Temporary Chaos

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  • NESARA within 2 weeks as in the money is released to the people. We’ve been told a while that the wealth of the wicked is to be released to the righteous.  But what about those who took the depop shots?  Well from the people I know and see you could say that they are associated with the wicked and or endorse the wicked
  • There will be power outages so be ready with food, water and personal defense protection.  Do NOT open your door for anyone knocking – it is warned to use that a lot of the bad guys will try to hide. Plus when power is out there maybe some good genuine people that you know knocking at your door, but for the rest:  we’re told its better not to answer and have your shotgun by your side.
  • There will be a process where you need to present ID’s and 2 formal mail pieces with your address on it so make sure you bank account address goes to your house for now, utility, insurance etc
  • Oct 17 supposed to be announcement of JFK Jr as Donald Trumps running mate? Running for NESARA elections?
  • Really soon the Satanic mainstream media goes away and the truth reports go out.  Better be prepared to handle the brain washed and wicked – you don’t know how they will react.
  • See the video for the rest. Most alt news messengers are getting similar intel.
  • Ready for stock and crypto market crashes – ready to profit from them that is!
  • Be smart.  You’re in war.  Replace soft hearted emotionalism with a shrewd logical cerebral mind.  And in this war it’s hard to tell who is your friend or enemy.



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