Get Out of Populated Areas – Venom Spray Plus Vaccinated Accelerated Mass Die off Doc Ardis Tau Braun

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Get Out of Populated Areas – Venom Spray Plus Vaccinated Accelerated Mass Die off Doc Ardis Tau Braun

See Video.  Tau Bruan Counter Terrorism Mass Killing Prevention Guy and Dr. Brian Ardis Told that There is a Plan for Fall 2023 to Spray Venom Everywhere in Densely Populated Areas, Schools Etc Which Would Trigger the Vax’d Alveoli in Lungs to Shred Then Mass Die Off to Ensue of the Vax’d 

So Maybe that Escape to Tropical Areas Closer to the Equator for the Vax’d So They Would Jack up their Vitamin D3 Levels (which is linked to curing most things along with an alkaline forming heavy plant, greens and fruits diet with plenty of vitamin K (vitamin K2 mk7 the strongest) Plus Eating a Tropical Fruit Diet Only (organic, natural) is Even a Better Idea that Originally Thought.  

It seems like so many people don’t want to listen to logical strategic things in regards to their health.  Sure, people are way stressed out and feel like they can’t handle anything negative so they block it out.  Don’t know if you know anyone like that.   

We are and the end of several overlapping ages.  And as time goes buy it’s certainly looking very close to an End of Times scenario, but it’s not an end of times, its and end of the age.  This is the Kingdom Age.  Some call it a transition out of Pisces into Aquarius. Malachi 4 lays out the blueprint of the Great Solar Flash where the wicked and those who do not fear God are destroyed. 

Certainly this covid-19 vaccine campaign sounds like a mark of the beast.  It turns your DNA into something non human, so technically the vax’d are said to be non human.  It loads you with parasites and certainly parasites can direct your life, like a bad gut biome can boss you around to keep eating junk food.  It creates a mark that can be seen on your wrists and in your head through UV lights and other detection methods they have at air points from the “Luciferase” that came with the Mark of the Beast Covid vax.

It seems that most of those who took the vaxed are far away from God, far away from God’s Word.  They haven’t been paying attention to God’s Word nor cared much to put forth much effort to do so.  So what does the Bible say about those who don’t fear, obey and love God (because you can not have love with out fear, respect, if you really think about it)?  That’s right they get trashed, sent to a furnace, discarded, go to the Outer Darkness, get thrown into the Lake of Fire. 

Repent before it’s too late.  Get honest with God and ask Him to save you, which would be through Jesus.  God the Father has to give you the ability to believe on Jesus.  So ask for it.  You can use the model sinners prayer on the right navigation sidebar as a salvation prayer.  Just do it.  Don’t go by feeling.  Going by feeling will lead you to a point where it’s too late….



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