Get Out of the 501.3.c? Better See Mark Taylor Prophecy Part II

Get Out of the 501.3.c?  Better See Mark Taylor Prophecy Part II

See video notes below.

Hmm So It Looks Like 501.3.c one of the Pillars of the Great Falling Away

Sold Out to Satan and the World Beast System – Joined the Church of Baal – Wow

Get out of 501 c 3 – that’ s non profit.  Trump says going to abolish 5013c Trump said 3 times.  repeal 5013c restrictions on churches

Take away tax exempt status is fear of pastors.  why they aren’t preaching

Donald told pastors – ‘you guys are the reason why this country is in the mess we’re in’  see told you.

Ilumminati – plans remove the church – can’t beat em let’s get them to join us.  Illuminati are darkest forces, tapped into darkest forces on earth. 52 years ago.  ‘I’ll get you more benefits but  take away your rights…”  1954.  Go

We take ground but can’t hold it.  We’re under the Ba’al world system.  The systems of america are under judgement.

System – get chunch under a bribe. 5013c is destroying the churches.  Ahh that’s why there are no good churches.  So start online churches.
– cursed  is he who takes a bribe for the slaying of the innocent
– Now church is under acurse
– we were responsible for 1954 signing.  Bibles taken out of schools. Roe v Wade.
– A church does NOT have to have a 501.3.c !   The system brainwashing
– minute you sign the 501.3.c you surrender your rights and you enter the beast system, your church.
– if you have a ministry that is not a church you have to have a 501.3.c to operate as a ministry.  Well operate as a business then.
– come out of teh Babylonian beast system. Come back to makeing Yeshua your first love.
– Churches planning on going on a global assault but God says come out of this Babylonian system first. Will last over next year or so.
– something to do with tax exemption tying them to Ba’al system.

– pastors have slave mentality to the systems.  afraid to speak the truth thinking that people will get offended because not ‘politically  correct’ and lose all thithes and offersings
– last call to come out of this system churches
– do you think the Roman catholic pope bows down to the IRS?  Don’t you think it’s worth your time to figure out how he does it? Roman cathoic church never bowed down to irs system.
– beast in east is the NWO and ISIS
– freemasonry
– in the west – church and trump will push back the beast
– illuminati and ISIS have merged and are in charge of assasinations.  They will be shatter. My army will stop the attacks on this nation, stop the assasinations.  Illuminati will be exposed, shattered, and send you back to the one who sent you who now seeks payment (your souls)
– why do my prophets keep saying gloom and doom to the end.  For those who speak these words offend and are aiding the enemy making my people lay down their arms, give up, lose hope, stop fighting, and say we’ll just ride this out to the end . For you are never to stop fighting or put down your arms for any reason.  Stop listening to those who commit spiritual treason!  Life and death are in the power of the tounge and this treasonist talk is even effecting the young.  Stop aiding the enemy and start talking about what I the Lord God and my army are about to do.  Grab the enemy by the throat and make him fluster, look him in the eyes and say is this all that you can muster. – your supreme commander God
– pulse lounge prophetic even.
– i’lluminati america is last strong hold

– eastern star and illuminati have merged.  ISIS.

– ISIS is threatening countires that want to come out of the EU
– Stop repeating devils prophecies for the destruction of you usa.
– Diffrence of prophecying a warning vs. doom and gloom.  Stop talking about america destruction.  When you speak destruction you are speaking treason! yikes.  Says 2nd heaven is sending down destruction prophecy.

God is saying America HAS BEEN CHOSEN FOR THE END TIMES HARVEST.  America needs cleansing.  Not destruction.

– this systems has created abunch of cowards.

– don’t focus on conspiracy theories.  They are satan’s prophecies?




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